Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have to find 2 dresses, or well at least two somethings to wear to my brother-in-laws wedding and reception.. Now considering I have the shape of a wrinkly apple at this time of my life,. poses quite a problem... So I dragged my sis-in-law to be out with me today shopping.. I didnt take pictures of course!! lol, that would be silly! We went to Ross! of course everything they have in fluffy girls looks like I should be circling a fire pit with paint on my face and waving my arms around!. Sp on to the mall! Torrid.. everything looks like I am trying to be punk goth... and your girls hang out the top! Not that its all bad,.. Lane bryant.. one poka dot dress, I got stuck in twice!! I coulnt find the arms, couldnt get it off because I was tangled inside someone, and Laci and I ended up laughing so hard we cried.. One to JCPenney's.. I found a dress!! in a regular size!!... Its kind of boring though, it looks like a church dress. its pink and bown poka dots, its like this.. but only different color..

What I really wanted was a dress like this!! :)

Since the wedding is on the beach.. oh well I'll keep looking! Shopping for the perfect dress is tough!!

I got this dress from alloy,... it only goes to xl, and is a little snug around the middle :( but it a me dress.. so.. I am stepping up my biggest loser program starting tomorrow!! I have one month to fit into the thing!!

Shopping for dresses is suppose to be fun!! Not depressing :(

4 Comments!! I love Comments!:

amy loo said...

I like all those dresses.

Good luck in future dress endeavors. I have the same problem...only dresses I love are always too short.

Charli said...

Sending love just last week I went looking for pants so I know how you feel. try Kohls and what about dress barn if there are any still open

Heather said...

I love the dresses. That one is very you.. and the other one is very me! I can't wait to borrow it.

Valerie said...

I love dresses! They are so pretty and feminine! But, I'm like you, I can never find anything that is me and actually fits!