Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elephants,Butterflies & Swords

Last weekend on V-day Riley and I went to the renaissance festival with Heather and her family :) It was fun! I didnt get as many pictures as I would have liked, but next time I will

See this amazing necklace I got!! I love it :) I have been wanting one since christmas and kept seeing the commercial.. but did my hubby get it for me?? for V-day!! :) LOL, no!! of course not, but my best friend did! Its great to have a best friend that can turn your bad day around :) Thanks Heather

Riley is my shades.. 3 people at the festival referred to him as a little girl.. Hmmmm.... Should I cut his hair?? even one lady who was sitting right next to him, with her little boy who was the same age..

Although he is cute.......& I dont put bows on him... Hmm.. I dont get it

I guess wearing my sunglasses doesnt help, but he didnt put them on till we were about to leave :)

5 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Heather said...

We had so much fun that day! We should get out together more often! And you are so welcome for the necklace!I'm glad you love it. Hey.. lets plan amazing jakes k!

Charli said...

He doesn't look like a girl what are these people on? By the way we have the same back ground, heehee perhaps i should check to see what everyone else has before downloading mine:)
The ren fair look like it was fun I hope we get to go this year..

Dutchess said...

Poor little guy! He has a pretty face, but I don't think it is girly! Good thing he's too young to notice

Charli said...

it nice to know I was thought of:)
I have to get new tattoo machines if I want any chance of getting into this shop down here, the guy offer me another spot,but I can't work the hours no one to watch the kids :( If andy can get into the BP I think we could work something out.. Dessa birthday coming up I hope we will get to see each other soon if not then

amy loo said...

Why do I recognize that necklace? Who designed it? Some celebrity, right? Or is there a cause it goes with?