Sunday, February 1, 2009

Project. 365 day 16.

I know these will be out of order ill have 2 correct them, what iv noticed is that unless I take the pics via phone, I can't seem 2 blog everyday because I don't download my camera, today my father in law came over today, its been awhile since I saw him, he is a huge help and always a friendly face. :) he fixed out sprinklers and mowed our yard. Made me realize I have been outside in a long time!! And the weather is perfect and my little hammock is calling my name, so maybe on my day off ill take some time 2 enjoy my backyard :)

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Spencer and Heather said...

always a friendly face???? Well, I'm sure having a man to actually fix stuff is nice huh?! Jk, we love you Micheal :)