Saturday, February 7, 2009

Project 365 Day 19

Cheat day!! woohoo, I have been looking forward to cheat day every moment of everday since I started this barely eating anything crap. We went to chili's with the family, It was fantastic. I didnt do tooo bad, I only had one dr pepper no refills, and I took all the fried bread off of my chicken tenders before I dunked them in honey mustard :) I am sure that saved me several calories.
Here is a pic of Riley in the truck, I know I should have taken one of the whole family at chili's Dang.. next cheat day :) I will

can you believe this woman is nearly 5 months pregnant!!! She is very blessed, you cant even tell!! :) We think its a boy this time!

Dad & Jenny :)

Harlee & Lit'l Grace :)

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