Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How I know your tired lit'l one..

Everynight that I am home, Riley stays up super late with me! Which is great, because that means he sleeps in with me too :) when he starts getting really tired he asks for something to eat, then, "Riley wants something else" I know he talks in the 3rd person, as soon as I make him something to eat.. he falls fast asleep!.. Last week I gave him an ice cream cone, and he fell asleep in his room, with it still in his hand! What a mess that was.

a little Riley story..
On Valentines day.. I got riley one of those little heart shaped boxed with 4 chocolates in it.. and a thomas the train card. We were sitting on my bed, he opened the card first. (good boy) his eyes nearly popped out of his head, when he saw thomas! :) then he asked to open the heart box. I took the plastic wrapping off and he lifted the lid... his eyes got wide and he said "its beautiful! I love it!" It was the cutest thing ever! I didnt even know the word beautiful.. but he is a smarty! My first thought was.. its just chocolate!.. but to someone so small, its was the best thing in the world that day! I will never look at chocolate the same again.

3 Comments!! I love Comments!:

amy loo said...

Sometimes the young'ins have to remind us of the little things that really are marvelous.

That picture is funny! Pizza rolls.

Bethanie and Josh Hestermann said...

How precious is that?? This just made my day :)

Casey said...

I am seeing the world in a whole new way.. everyday.. He says the funniest things all the time :)