Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let's celebrate! Woot Woot!

Riley turns 3 years old tomorrow!! We had a small celebration at Peter Piper Pizza tonight. We thought having it on a tuesday it wouldnt be to busy. I was surprised how many other people were there! But we had a great time!

There Pizza is awesome!, and out server girl gave us a great deal! She didnt charge us for the drinks and gave us tons and tons of extra tokens! Riley walked in and ran up to the prize counter, he pointed at the motorcyles and said he really wanted one, so.. it was basicall our mission to get 2,000 tickets! so he could get it!. All the adults played games to get as many tickets as possible. I played Deal or No Deal, and won, 240 tickets twice and 80 tickets once! :) It was fun, Jeremy and Tammy were awesome at all the games!! They kept winning tickets after tickets! It was crazy! I cant wait for Tammy's birthday! Its at Dave and Busters,

We did it!! actually we ended up with 2650 tickets! I have never ever had that many! So Riley was very happy when he got to pick a motorcycle, and 2 other toys! :)

the kid got sooo many toys! It was crazy! But he loved everything! :) and he is behind me now playing with everything,

Tammy and Jer got his the biggest stuffed animal I have ever seen! its bigger then Riley!

I cant believe everything fit in the car on the way home!
within a few mins my little boy was fast asleep in the car on the way home. I am so very proud of him :)

Riley did so good blowing out his candles, The cake was amazing! Riley wanted to play with his cake more then play the games, My friend Trina at work made it, it was filled with banana pudding and sliced strawberries,

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amy said...

It all looks very fun! Wish I could have been there.

I miss Tammy! You need to tell her that. Rub her head for me.

Give my little birthday buddy a big shmooshy hug!

Charli said...

Three what fun times! Sorry I missed it,

Charli said...

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