Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve...

I'm working... and have over 5 hours left.
my dear fammily is at home.. Mike baked cookies,, yes,, he really did and they are watching christmas shows and enjoying this merry night. While I sit at work, blogging and answering the phone for ridiculous people that are drunk and crazy!
& Fireworks! oH THE FIREWORKS CALLS! Since they are now legal in Az. people who dont know of this new law yet are calling in Gunshots everytime they hear one go off.
We made fun cookies,
Lori at work found these melted snowman cookies on a website. They are so cute,.
I did the very easy cheap version. I started with..

then once the cookies are done you frost them in all white icing, then you

put marshmellows in the microwave for about 25 secs.. till the bottoms start to puff up.

then you.. put the marshmellow on top and decorate something like this,

what I did wrong.. Should have made the cookies bigger. and flattened them out more.
then I should have melted the icing a bit to make it slide on.. I used a regular can of icing.. yay betty crocker.

then they would have been perfect! Here is me and mike :) arent we cute,
and they were yummy!

Here is our Tree, and the Presents. Riley wrapped a few of his old toys and shoes for gracee, and baby kingston. it was cute. He is a giver.

here is Rileys ornament this year.. If you know him, it fits him well..

here is Brady's 1st ornament, I made it on artscow. its awesome.. The dang postman put it in the wrong mailbox, some nice lady brought it to my house.. she was my angel today. :) thank you unkn neighbor.

Here is our family one.

Some pics of the boys I took today.. I couldnt get a good one, but they are cute anyways.

It started pouring rain the other night.. it was cold but Riley and I really wanted to go outside and play in it. Riley started off in just underwear.. he ran in, put on sandals, then ran back in to put on a shirt.. A Button down Polo, which he put on backwards. :) It was cute,

we had fun

I love our new umbrella

I love this crazy Boy!

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Amy said...

That was such a good idea instead of a mantle! Love the pics!