Monday, December 27, 2010

The day after Christmas..

We had Christmas.. again :)

we went to Chris and Emilys for Cristmas with Gene and Jenny. Emily made an dinner,

and the kids ran around and played. They got a wii for Christmas and Harlee is an excellent Boxer! and Riley got his first ever strike in the bowling game.
Harlee got the cutest little hampster! I want one!

Kingston :)

Papop and grandma Jenny brought so many presents and the kids had a great time! They got us a computer chair, which I have been trying to get for 2 christmas's in a row, but always ended up taking it off my list because there were other things people needed more, So Mike and I are so happy!!
& I got a movie! I already watched it, its so funny and one of those that I can watch over and over again, dumb girl movie.. but... they make me happy :)

After dinner and presents we went to play in the backyard, Chris and Em have a quad and a big yard! Chris took the kids for a ride

then mike went on! Yes Michael! He had a blast, and I saw that excitement and joy from him, that I havent seen in a long time :) It was awesome! He even got dusty, :) I LOVE IT! I rode around for awhile and then tasted dirt in my mouth afteards,, bad to smile with an open mouth while riding fast.

Turtle went on his first quad ride, mike said after they started going, turtle started bouncing like he was in his jumperoo..

Riley is staying the night there tonight, its so nice to have a break from the noise, but I had to admit, I sure do miss him,

Christmas is over, and on to the New Year! we had a great Christmas and I am so Thankful to have a Wonderful Family!

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