Sunday, December 19, 2010

Temple lights, family visit & a bday party.

Here is our pretty house :) with star lights, that rotate flashing on and off, they are rainbow.. I adore them :) wish I could get a better pic. Big thanks to my father in law for putting them up, he made my day!

We went to Target and it was Raining!! I love the rain. Brady hasnt really seen rain yet, so he seemed a bit confused. I kind cut part of his head off in this pic, oh well.

We went to see Aunt Deb, Jay and Hannah! & then out to dinner with Rose! It was so good to see everyone! I wish we could do it more! my goal next year is to make more time to see the people I love!
Riley had a great time! Aunt D got him a giant truck full of little cars, He LOVED it! He races the big truck around the house and even found out he can ride on it!
Then Serranos.. which is my favorite, Im in love with their bean dip :) I forgot to take pics.. bummer

Last week we went to the Temple lights. They were Beautiful! The kids had a great time running around. there were tons of people & my camera sucks in low light situations, but here is what I got.

Then we went to Dennys. I was great! I forgot how yummy a moons over my hammie was! woohoo!

We went to a Birthday party today for Olivia, who is the daughter of one of my officers. She is such a sweetie & a cutie as you can see below.

Her little sister Claire is due anyday and Im sure she will be just as beautiful as her mommy. I cant wait to meet her.

Riley had a good time running around, I pushed him on the swings for a bit and then right before we left he threw a fit.. a crying.. i dont want to talk to you fit. and went to the car.

this is my camera on full zoom, pouting...

when I get to the car he says "all those people I dont know ruined my whole LIFE" lol he is SO Dramatic! but after 5 mins he was fine . :)

Turtle sat up most the night, and he learned how to make that clicking sound with his tongue. Its so cute.

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