Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I better blog...

Turtle.. he is a laid back baby :)

Riley made reindeer hat, its cute.. he is what is making it cute.

decorated the house and tree..

My father in law put up Christmas lights, He is great! My house looks great, pictures to come next week.
Threw my back out... Ouch for about a week!
Christmas party at work, :) Not many people are there, but it was fun.

At the beginning of the week. or end of last week.

Brady sits up :) Finally!! he could before.. he just didnt, not really sure he does yet.. but we will see.

Turtle is teething! this is his sad turtle fuss face :(

You can see his top gums here were in a few short days there will be a little white tooth, how I will miss him just having those 2 cutie bottom ones. He is growing to fast.

School ends this week, So many activities coming up.

The end..

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