Saturday, December 11, 2010

Candy Houses

I think I will just get Turtle a pack of hangers for Christmas! It's his favorite toy!

I love the holidays!

we made Graham Cracker houses.. Those dirty rats at the graham cracker company changed the way they make and package them. 2 different kinds! insteac of the long rectangle pieces, they are just smaller squares! Meanies, Its nearly impossible to make a sturdy wonder edible house with them being so small, But we tried.

I didnt do the best job decorating it, but it was fun, and YUMMY and thats the whole Point anyways :)

Riley did good! & he looks cute with his rudolph nose!

We even wrestled it on Brady! He looked so cute!

We all had tons of icing & graham crackers! & I suppose riley will be eating the houses for a week!

Thats all have a jollly day.

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McMel said...

ian loves hangers too!