Saturday, January 2, 2010

Disneyland & Happy New year!!

We went to Disneyland for New years!! Who's dumb idea was that!?.. Lol, I wasnt aware that New years eve was the busiest day of the year! I love this pic of Riley, he looks like a little elf :) so cute

Tuesday after mike got off work we drove to Cali. We got in the hotel about 11pm. The Hilton Gardens. The lobby was beautiful, they had a cozy fireplace, with a giant tv and a couch to sit. a small resturant area, and free coffe and hot chocolate 24 hrs a day.

Our room was huge.. I love when we get the handicapped rooms :) it had everything we needed. I love this pic, Riley has his shirt tucked into his underwear! :) Silly boys,

We went to bed, and got up a bit to early. ran down to have the free breakfast.. Hmmm.. there was no food, hmm.. so we had to wait, they brought a bit more, it sucked, but what can you expect from free breakfast. Then we got our shuttle passes and headed outside.. it was raining, but the clouds appeared to be moving fast so we thought it would blow over soon. We didnt have an umbrella, or ponchos, or even hooded coats, we were not prepared for rain.

we had to wait for the 3rd shuttle, we got on, wet and cold. waited in lines to pick up our tickets, and get in to disneyland for over an hour.. it was still raining. Our spirits were high.
We got in, grabbed a map, and headed toward the Matterhorn ride, it was raining, we waited in line, and finally got on.

I thought Riley would love it! since he love Rollercoasters.. But this one had a dark tunnel, Freaked him out! He didnt like anyride with dark tunnels. he cried near the end, he was scared. after that we headed toward its a small world..

it stopped raining!!!!.. for about 35 mins..
Riley loved this ride! :) when I asked his favorite part, He said. "I love the cave with all the beautiful things"

The park was packed! There were people everywhere, and so many different languages.
It was raining again, we headed to the run away train and got a speed pass, then waited in line at the pirates of the caribbean for about an hour.

It was raining, we were soaked, and now I was starting to feel it in my feet, and our spirits were falling a bit. after pirates, we ran back to the train ride, and Riley was scared because it had a dark cave. we walked to go get something to eat, I heard about a place in critter country that wasnt usually busy, the hungry bear or something,. we went. there was a line, it was still raining, I ordered quickly something I wasnt suppose to have, cold turkey :P, and fries, riley had a kids meal and mike had a meal. it was $40!! we tried to find a place to sit, but all the tables under cover were taken, people everywhere trying to stay out of the rain.

we walked past the employee area and found a small path, where there was no people, we sad there, on the short rock wall, while water dripped threw on us and ate. Mine and Mikes pants where soaked up to our knees! we were soo very cold, tired, and sore.

we decided to head back to the hotel for the day, It was only 3pm, but we couldnt take much more. I took a few more pics as we headed out, and the rain stopped a bit, but the wind picked up.

we got back to the hotel and crashed! didnt wake up till after 7pm. Our poor little peanut .. Pooped out! as he would put it.

and decided to go for dinner! :) We put on dry clothes, and went driving around to find a place to eat., We came across a little place just across the street from california adventures called, tiff's resturant.

It was good, we could barely understand our waitress, but dinner was good and she made the Best Banana Split! :) Riley didnt want a single bite of it, but he ate all my Broccoli!

We saw the fireworks behind the trees, I was kinda sad since I wanted to be there, but it was still drizzling outside.
After taking Ernie out and about..

we decided to get good sleep and try again tomorrow! :)

Day 2.
What a Beautiful day! :) No Rain!! It was a but hot actually, but nice, we took all our jackets and a blanket just in case! we stopped at Jack in the Box before heading to the park, this time we took our own veh! I like the buttons in the elevators for the parking garage :) cute idea!

Oh yeah! we decided not to take the shuttle because the shuttle on the way back was so full! So we had to stand, I was pressed up against the door holding everything and trying to hold riley falling over, Mike was holding the stroller and not one of the 10 adults with no kids and no luggage would get up so a prego and her toddler could sit down, It was sad. I wouldnt hesitate to let someone else sit if I was able. People are so Rude.
Ok done venting moving on :)
Dont I look tired!. and Mike is a nerd :p ready for a long day!

we took the tram, and headed in, along with a million other people! there were so many people, it was hard to walk threw everyone, we went on the jungle boat ride,

got a snack, Riley was soo excited to get strawberries, and of course I got a giant pickle! we went to Splash Mountain and waited nearly 2 hours in line!!

and of course 3/4 of the way thru waiting Riley had to pee. It was so much fun though, I understand the wait! :) Even the kid loved it!

we headed thru the crowds back to tomorrowland, I like the 3d movie with Honey I shrunk the Audience, It was fun.. Oh yeah!! Before we got there, Riley had a freak out melt down!! We got a buzz lightyear toy near critter country, and I wanted those little mouse ears that clip on. so riley also wanted a mickey hat. I let him get it. When I paid for it I didnt realize the Micket had was $38.95!! for a hat!
after I bought it Riley refused to wear it, and started yelling, so after we realized we spent our dinner money on a hat! and he wouldnt even wear it, I decided to take it back. I waited in line as I hear a Child scream and cry and yell outside the store! It was might! I was so embarrassed. Turns out the tag was wrong it was only a $16 hat! So thank god I took it back, and I decided to get it since it was miss marked. But because of my child's freak out! we took away Buzz LIghtyear for nearly 2 hours until he could calm down, and be good.
This is riley in his new hat, trying so hard no to cry and be good so he could have buzz back.

We had pizza for dinner, and found a place to eat! Inside! where there was hardly any people at. Smiley Riley! finally! :) & boy I look like crap! Lol oh well

Our Pizza Face! :) @ least his mood was better!
I dont think many people even knew it was there. we sat awhile, after walking for hours, our feet were killing us.

we headed to toontown, which I had never been before! but I guess the parade was going on, and we caught the end of it. I didnt know what time it was and we counldnt see much at all. so next time we will have to get a good seat early.

it took us 45 mins to get thru the crowd and make it to toontown. It was so great!! It was by far my favorite part! it was open, and bright and fun,

and there werent allot of people in there. We ran around and played and took pictures.,

They had a play area for kids 2-5 years old, there was donald ducks ship :) so we took Ernie around it!

and we went into chip and dales house.. umm.. we went up a tiny tiny staircase... that was spiral, even I had to duck. and when we got up the staircase.. it was over, it looked big fromt he outside. oh well.

we went threw mickeys house and took pictures! :) Our Little Garden Gnome.. in a Garden :) Ernie is so cute.

and we met Mickey!! On accident really, we didnt know that he was really there! and it was his meet and greet time. & we were really close to the front of the line!. Riley did good, he didnt scream like he did when he saw santa, :) he even shook his hand,

Mickey was in love with ernie, and took him from my purse to take a picture with him!

I finally got my cotton candy, it was Fantasic! & they had frozen apple juice! :) Yummy, we played, and threw some penny's in the wishing fountain,

we had a guy take our family picture, everyone looked grouchy and we felt bad asking him to do it. Since it was dark most of the pictures didnt turn out well though.

after toontown we were going to ride the train around the park a few times, we were tired of standing and walking it had been 8 hours already. so we parked the stroller, and waited in line for the train for nearly an hour. as soon as we got on, the driver said "this train only goes to main street we are closing this station for the night" It was only 9pm! so we had to get off and couldnt ride it, or we would have to walk all the way back to get our stoller,
I tried to use the bathroom and the lady said you better hurry we are closing the bathrooms in 5 mins!. and then I tried to get water and the lady said "sorry Im closed" what?? that park is open till 2am, its new years eve and your closing everything at 9pm.
we were confused, but followed the herd of people being shoood out by the employees,
we saw a dance area where they appeared to be doing the new years eve stuff, there were so many people we could barely get thru, we decided to find a place to sit and wait for new years.

I found a wall sitting backwards from the festivities, near the non smoking section where.. everyone was smoking, we sat, watched the fireworks, riley danced,

and we sang along to the music. Mike was misrable! he isnt good at sitting and hanging out, I could tell he wanted to leave so badly. after about an hour I gave in, the smoke was bothering me, and it was getting cold. so we started to walk toward the entrance.

and... then we found that the million people were camping out in front of the castle! there was a whole other stage there,

and ropes for people to go around to get out of the park. by this time it was about an hour till midnight. I wanted to stay, but when I saw all the other people, knowing that about 10 mins after midnight we would have to fight them to get out! and on a tram, I thought heck no!. so we left. found the tram and headed back to the parking garage.

There had to be at least 200 people just now on there way to disneyland! at 1130 pm when we got back to the garage, there were loads and lines of people waiting to get on the tram to go to the park!, and 20 mins till when we were pulling out of the park, there were people just pulling into the parking garage! crazy people! :P

Riley was passed out just a few mins after getting in the truck, and mike and I celebrated new years together in the hotel room :) It was nice way to start the new year :)

awe, morning, 2010! Doesnt that just seem crazy! we headed back home, and I saw this sign, that said eggs and bacon.. at Taco Bell?.. for .89 cents. I thought it was funny.

Its good to be home.& all and all it was a good trip. things went wrong, but it was fun. and we did it together. Sorry such a long post, I would be surprised if anyone actually reads the whole thing, lol

Oh yeah, Mike couldnt figure out the shower in the hotel room, we just thought it was really bad water pressure, and he took a shower in a drinking fountain.. I let ernie show you :) the next morning.. I figured it out, and laughed at my hubby :)

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Dutchess said...

Oh, how nice to be at the front, those Mickey lines can get out of hand! That's how we ran into Sleeping Beauty in Orlando:-) I never thought about Disney for New Years!

Amy said...

It looks like it was fun...despite the rain!

I would drive all the way there, just for that banana split!

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