Saturday, January 2, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

We had a great christmas this year! :) I traded a wonderful lady at work to have the day off, and it was worth it! :)
I worked Christmas Eve, came home and made sure santa left something special for my little man. :) Mike and I got up early.. waited.. and waited.. and waited..
made noise.. walked around.. got bored and finally woke Riley up :) We were to excited to wait any longer.

Riley was so excited to see that Santa brought him, Spin and Fix Thomas, A giant Dumptruck and some sponge bob cars! :) We let him open a few gifts,

I opened a few, and mike opened a few.

me in all my morning, no makeup 5 hours of sleep glory :)

and Riley cleaned up the mess :) I love that he doesnt know that parents are suppose to do that yet :)

Riley got a few new trains that he had been wanting :) he was excited to show them to his other trains! :)

I got exactly what I wanted this year!! I got Ernie!! :) He is the newest addition to our little family, He is a travelocity gnome, We love the Amazing Race, and I have wanted one for years, Mike got it for me this year! and A firepit! :) I cant wait to have people over to sit around the firepit :)
I also got a digital picture frame!! I wasnt expecting it at all, and I have always wanted one so of course I cried like a baby :P Mike did great this year, and I am very proud of him.

Mike got a few new shirts, and the movie he has been wanting since he saw it in theaters! :) The Hangover, I have to admit it was a funny movie.

Riley got a few new toys. Like he needed anymore!, but we didnt go overboard

Then I cooked, and cooked. potatos two kinds :) I like variety, corn, and deviled eggs. we packed up the truck and headed to mikes mom's house for Christmas dinner.

We took Ernie of course :) we couldnt leave the little guy at home his first day.

Riley was overwhelmed and realllly grouchy!! he was perfect all day until we got to Sharons house, then he turned into a little monster. wanting to open all the gifts, not listening, and running around crazy. He did better as the night went on though.

Tiff and Jason were there,

Chris, Emily and girls and baby kingston

Adam and Laci

we ate, the boys talked about stupid things they did when they were teenagers!& laughed about it.

we opened gifts, took pictures, the kids ran around.

everyone left except, us, tiff and jason. so we sat around for a bit and talked, then came home. Long day, but it was very nice :) I think everyone had a nice time.

The wives :)
& the boys.. sorry Jason.. you move to quick! :)

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