Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The story of a Lion

Once upon a time there was a little stuffed lion that lived at Burlington Coat factory in the Baby Depot. One day a little boy named Riley came into the store, he saw the lion and grabbed him up without a second thought. saying " I have to get this Lion for baby Brady" Riley's mommy thought the lion was cute, but didnt want to spend the 12.99 on a stuffed animal when the money could go to better things. The little boy insisted! He carried the lion all thru the store. Riley found other things he really wanted, like a spiderman baseketball & hoop set, and a train with remote control. His mommy said he could get either thing, but he had to put the lion back in order to get them, Riley refused, saying "but mom I have to get this for baby Brady, so I will not get the other things" He finally found something his mommy was sure he would trade for. Lightning Mcqueen and friends decals for his bedroom wall! His mommy knew he had wanted them for a long time. They made their way up to the register. & Riley had a choice to make. His mommy asked him to put the lion back so he could get the wall decals, Riley cried, really heartfelt tears as he snuggled the little lion tightly. He said one last time "no mom, I'll just have to get the lightning mcqueen stickers next time, I have to get this lion for baby Brady"
The cashier and several people around looked at his as if he was throwing a fit, but what they didnt understand was.. this 3 1/2 year old little boy, gave up several things he really wanted in order to get a gift for his yet to be born baby brother.
Riley's mommy was so very proud, and she would have paid $50 for this silly lion, because it was filled already with so much love! & she knew right then, that she had done her job as a mommy, & that her son was becoming the little man, she had raised him to be :)
I dont know many 3 years olds that would have done that. & I couldnt be more proud of him.

oodles of Noodles!!
Riley made a noodle necklace in school today! :) Its so cute, and he gave it to me.
after he took a bite of one of the noodles of course :0 you have to try it out first right? :) I think it does look good enough to eat!
He is loving school, and making new friends! & this is the whistle he got today out of the treasure box for doing so well!

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Dutchess said...

That's so cute!
I remember making noodle necklaces, it was so much fun:-)