Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Penguin Awareness Day!

Yeah, this post has nothing to do with Penguin's, but I thought it was an interesting fact :) I dont suppose I think about Penguin's everyday, or even most days for that matter. But they are super Cute! and one of my favorite animals. and these days, I do resemble one :) walking anyways :)

Riley having fun with a towel :) I think he was playing a ghost, since he tried so hard to scare me, but near the end he looked more like mother theresa with his angel face and the towel wrapped around him.

Riley's first art project at school :) He did a great job, I am very proud of him :)
I'm so glad he loves school, and I hope he is doing a good job, its hard to tell when your not there, but I trust him, he is a good kid... Plus.. he always tells me when he did something wrong, :) I like that, very honest :) so far.

I was woddling in the kitchen the other day.. noticed "yuck" I need to mop the kitchen! so I whined about it for a min looking down at the floor, or, well. looking around since I can no longer see the floor directly below me, nor my feet.
Riley said. I'll mop mom, Someone had to do it! he did a great job! :) & I gave him his bi-weekly allowance for the ice cream man, who seems to no longer come around the nieghborhood.

I like his super hero underwear, they are cute :)

I got Riley Hungry Hungry Hippo for Christmas, because it was one of my favorite games when I was younger, and we like to play games together. $10 I thought great deal. WRONG, they dont make anything like they used to, its made horribly. all the necks get stuck, the marbles are plastic and the whole thing is SO Cheap! we cant even play the game right, because the necks get stuck and we have to stop everytime.
:P Toy makers!! Stop being so Dang Cheap! $10 is my take home pay an hour! Oh well,

Tonight we went to Mike's dads house for dinner and dessert! :) It was a great time! We dont see them enough, Life gets in the way allot, but it was a nice visit :) Riley had a great time, running around with the dog, and he got christmas presents from pop Pop and Grandma Jenny. He LOVED them!

One train he had been wanting for a long time. Merdoch, and the passenger car Flora, he also got Percy's day at the Farm,which in less then 15 mins after we got home, he had it all put together and ready to play!

This is a cute pic, when Riley opened this, he said "oh its just a picture for mommy" :( Heck Yeah! I am very excited! Its another digital picture frame!! Woohoo, this one plays music and video's! and I got a memory card so I can use it now! :) Im so excited, Just trying to figure out where to put them, after I upload my pics :) as you can tell, I love pictures! I have a horrible memory, and pictures are the only way to remember things for me :)

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