Tuesday, January 5, 2010

To much TV!

I am so glad my shows are coming back!! :)

I know I feel like a nerd watching so much tv, but I am a multi-tasker and always are doing something else while I watch my shows, laundry, blogging, homework, dishes, blowdrying and curling my hair! :)

I Love Chuck!! :) I would marry him, :)

This is a great show, and I am not quite sure why, I just look forward to it every week!

The biggest Loser! Watching it right now, it always makes me Cry! & then Cheer, & then Cry again.. & I always seem to be eating something during it! :)

I see myself in so many of these people, and know that I have allot of work to do after I have this lit"l bundle of joy.. This show is inspiring, and motivating!

Desperate housewives.. I know I know, sleezy crap.. But Mike and I LOVE it! Its one of our favorite shows!

The Secret Life of an American teenager, and Make it or Break it on ABC, started last night! :) I love these shows too, along with Greek, and I know I'm a bit old for them, but, unfortunatly allot of the storylines matched my life last year.. It actually hurt to watch them, but it helped a bit too :) I am excited that I am past that now and just enjoying every min of life! :)

Ugly Betty and Grey's are 2 of my very favorite shows! :) I actually get up early the day after they are on so I can watch them!.

The bachelor...

Mike and I like this one allot. People are NUTS! and Women are CRAZY! I didnt know how crazy until recently, My favorite so far is Ali, Mike says she is just like me :) She even tripped and ripped her dress the first night! :) I cant wait to see some of those Wack-o's kicked off the show, and the One girl, appears to want to stab everyone else! I hope she leaves soon, she freaks me out! I cant believe he kept her after she cried because she hadnt gotten to talk to him yet, because she was IN lOVE already.. she had only said 4 words to the man! But I have to admit! He is a Keeper! :)

There is my TV update, and just one silly thing I am looking forward to in the next few months! :)

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Amy said...

I'm really glad normal t.v. is coming back on too! I'm sick of filling my t.v. time with old episodes of Roseanne and Everybody Loves Raymond!

I haven't seen Chuck yet, but my sister loves it too. Maybe I'll give it a shot.