Wednesday, October 20, 2010

25 things you didnt know about me....

1.  I was recently invited to join my college honors society!!.. because of my 4.0 gpa. :)  cool huh, im sure that will change when i have to take math next year though.

2. I have to have a glass of ice water next to the bed when i sleep, even if i never take one sip, its like a security blanket, and maybe the sole reason mike and i are together,when I was 18 my mom told me I couldnt have drinks in my room anymore including my "water" so I moved out, and in with 3 boys.. one which was my hubby.

3. I love to dip my bananas in grape juice

4.  I microwave my m&ms... gooey in the middle with a hard candy shell..yumo

5. I can cry on que... shhhh, dont tell my husband this one..

6. My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is a bowl of ice cream..  and my son thinks its a normal breakfast food.

7. I dont sing in the shower.... but everywhere else i do.

8. I dont have a routine... there is nothing that i do @ the same time everyday. Or in the same order.

9. A clean kitchen and fresh flowers in the kitchen.. make me a very happy mommy. I mean.. glowing, spinning in circles wearing a fluffy skirt on a grassy hill kinda happy.. until they wilt and die. Or I make dinner and the kitchen is dirty.. once again

10. I love to window shop online, and add things to my cart... look for coupons to make the total cheaper...knowing that I never intend to actually buy them.

11. I love love love fuzzy socks..  getting them as gifts, buying them... but.. not wearing them.. I hate my feet hot

12.   Stormy weather makes me feel alive and when i was little @ my grandmas house I use to think I could control the wind...& sometimes still do

13.  When I was growing up my favorite show was 21 jump street, and from that I always knew I wanted to be an undercover cop.. or an actress..  now i suppose im a bit of both. :)  

14.  Im becoming more judgemental, and mouthy as I get older.. which I dont like, but @ least I refuse to get sh*t on anymore. Yay. :)

15. Ive had my heart broken by more women then men.... and im straight

16. I truely believe that honesty with a smile is the way to go,  and if u screw up.. own up to it.  

17.  I am a born multi-tasker. I cant just watch tv I have to be doing something else too.  I get bored easily.. hence this is my 32nd job and I have never been fired.

18.  I can pick up most things with my toes, and riley and brady can too..   and...  we all bite our toenails.  Lol gross I know!!  But only after a shower and I havent done it in years but we caught riley doing it the other day. And mike laughed.and said. 3 out of 4 people in this house bite their toes.   :)  

19.  Im not as "blonde" as I act, but its great for entertainment value and its a great way to get people to open up and feel @ ease..  i changed schools so much as a kid , it just came in handy making new friends.

20.  I love to try new things... learn new things.. but dont usually finish anything because ive already moved on to the next thing.

21. I love love love to dance and sing in my kitchen with my kiddos.. they love it to. It might be my favorite thing.

22. I have a bad memory.. but yet cant forget the things I most want to.  

23.  I cry when im really mad.. like right now.....  

24. I love tomatos on nearly everything and lots of them,  and pickles.  

25.  I very very rarely eat all my food. I pick off as much as I can of stuff that I wont get pure enjoyment out of to save calories..  :)  yep. Thats my thinking.. if there is giant lumps of bread left over from a sub and mayo squeezed out... I see that as calories saved!  :)  

**Bonus info**
I guess I smell everything before I eat it at work (margaret at work noticed) :) hmmm.. do people not normally do that?

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McMel said...

i smell everything first too. food, drinks, etc