Thursday, October 21, 2010

Farm Festival Fun!

Tonight we went to the Pumpkin/chili festival at schepf farms! I Love it! we always have an amazing time!! I remember when we went last year, we were watching the band play, and the kids were dancing and I thought "next year there will be one more in our family" I had that moment today, sitting on a bale of hay showing turtle all the cool things, Its crazy how fast time goes,
We got there before dark this time! which was Fabulous, because we got to see all the things that are usually to dark to see,

Turtle was so good! as usual, just along for the ride, and only started to fuss once when he was hungry. Riley had a few nervous breakdowns but he was good too.

Petting zoo.. I got those feeding tabs to give the goats, riley fed this goat a little and then turned and gave the rest to me, and he took off running towards mike. About 30 seconds after this picture was taken, he ran and told mike "That is disgusting'! Mike said what is, and Riley said "that goat licked my hand" Lol, totally his fathers son!! so I fed the cutie goat the rest.. I asked michael if we could PLEASE have one!!

Better then a dog, and we wouldnt have to now the backyard!!,, he said NO :( boo.. meanie.

Here is riley running thru the Corn maze! and then one of us.

I dont know why all the family pics turn out like this every year on the hay stack, but I guess really bad lighting when its so dark outside, and the flash makes everything look weird!

& for some reason its sideways!!! what the heck?. oh well.. lol it works
Next year we will get a good one, before the sun goes down.

Mike and Riley in the pumpkin patch! we found out perfect little pumpkin just after we walking in the door! and Riley picked out one for him and one for brady.

There was a bike ride, that had 4 seats, and 2 stearing wheels, and 2 pedlers.. well I held brady, and got in, and I thought mike would pedal and steer.. well were were in the wrong seats because his sterring wheel was just for looks! We laughed so hard! I held brady and peddled and mike reached over to my side to steer, and there were so many bumps and hills, it was allot longer of a ride then we expected and we were so tired and sweaty after it, but mike did it again later with chris and the kids! it was fun though.

The babies, waiting for the older kids on the roller coaster and swings.

Riley rode the horse.. I dont think he likes animals much,,

me & my hubby

Riley plays..

Right before we left we roasted marshmellows!! U cant see from this pic, but I have brady sideways in my right arm :) Multi-tasking.

This was the first time Riley has ever roasted marshmellows! we will be doing in more often since I got my fire pit for christmas last year! & the weather is finally cooling down!

Brady as we were walking back to the car,, he couldnt take it anymore and fell fast asleep sitting up.

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Charli said...

looks like you all had a fun time.