Monday, October 11, 2010

A good reason to celebrate

Today is Turtles UnBirthday,

after working 2 12 hr shift this week I was exhausted!! only getting a few hours of broken up sleep a day. It was so nice to have a day off!! I slept until after 130pm, Riley was so good, and Brady took a long nap with me twice :) and bounced for over an hour.

got up when mike got home, and I ran to Babies R Us and Chilis to grab dinner while he was SO HAPPY beacuase Tony Stewart won the Nascar race.. (men)

we had dinner and then had a small family unbirthday party!! I just think we can always use a good reason to celebrate! 6 months is a big thing!! He has changed so much and is becoming his own little person more everyday. Somedays time goes by so fast! doing the dame things over and over again, its hard to stop and take time to do something out of the ordinary.. So today was perfect!

Tomorrow starts another week, and on Thursday we are going to the Pumpkin Festival!! Im so excited! Here is a bunch of picture from today and this week.

These aren't flattering pictures of me, but we had a great time :) and thats all that counts

He is just the cutest baby :) If I had time I would take him to one of those baby modeling places :)

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Charli said...

Very nice pictures, Wow 6 months has gone by so quick