Thursday, October 28, 2010

28 Hours in Utah...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture I took of me and mike the first day we were in Utah. Its the basic picture of us, but the great amazing part is... Look behind mikes shoulder... Our sweet boys on the blanket behind us!! I couldnt have planned that better if I tried! I noticed it when I was about to Crop the picture, Glad I didnt, It makes it the perfect picture. an "All because 2 people fell in Love" Picture.

We went on a one day super short trip to Utah to visit my bestie Amy, She has started her own Photography business and I couldnt wait to get our family pictures done! She does Awesome work, Her pictures are Beatiful!

Utah is Wonderful! They have seasons, and the trees were all different colors. I had to work the night before we left, I was so tired, and then we got a call early in the morning staying they cancelled our Flight! :( So we had to catch the one before which means we had to get up, and rush around trying to get to the airport 1.5 hrs earlier.

Riley wanted to be a big helper and roll our suitcase all over, He did a good job, and looks cute doing it.
The boys did amazing on the plane, there and back.
Amy picked us up at the airport, It was so great to see her! We went to the hotel to check in, and spruce up for pictures. My eyes were puffy from crying all day the day before because of my dumb job and mean people. we took pictures, I got a few with my camera so here are some. I will post the ones Amy took when I get them, unless I look horrible..LOL, Hey.. this is my blog, and I'm allowed to weed out the good, Bad & the UGLY photos of me from appearing :)

The sun started to go down, and it got cold, we were tired and hungry so we went to dinner, I am proud of mike and the boys though, I know they dont like picture time, so I'm surprised I got them for as long as I did.

We went to a buffet place, they had great food! Then we dropped off the boys at the hotel and went to a movie for needed girly time. We saw. Life as We know it. It was great! :) Funny, sweet, sad I cried(again).. not good for following days pictures.

When I got back to the hotel the boys were sleeping. so I tried to get some sleep too. Turtle woke up at 530am.. then RIley and then of course I was wide awake and starving! peeked out the window to discover tons of SNOW!! we went down to grab some breakfast, then I got me and the boys bundled up and we ran outside to play in the snow in the parking lot .. at 6am! :)

it was fun, Brady didnt seem as amused, but Riley had a great time! and it was nice quaility time with them.

we went back to bed for a few more hours then got up and got ready so amy could come get us for more pictures and looking around the town. Riley took every oppurtunity to grab the snow he could find and hit me with it! :) But it was fun, I loved it.
Brady did great! Not a cry, or a whine unless he was hungry.
One of the coolest parts of the trip was going to Jimmy Johns!
We werent going to eat for a few more hours, but riley had to go potty, so we decided just to eat then, I had to google Jimmy Johns on my phone, then we had to find the closest one, Mike said he wanted to try it since they started sponcering Nascar.. (men) we pull into the parking lot, and it looked busy, the parking lot was full, so Amy asked if we wanted to stay or leave.. I shrugged and said I guess we can try it, I got out of the car and right next to our parking spot is the lane for the drive-thru. I beautiful lady in the car next to ours said 'casey?" I looked up and noticed it was my friend Krista!! :) The only other person I know in Salt Lake city. and I was just telling my hubby the day before that I talked to her on facebook, and wished we had more time to go see her while we were there!. :) So now I would say it was a completely successful trip! :) I got to see everyone I wanted to see, and snow, and pretty trees, & I got to shop at Target.. yeah Im a sucker for a Target store, :)

Last one.... This was 2 days before we went to Utah, I got Brady's christmas outfit.. I think :) and I had to try it on him! He just looks so cute I had to share this picture!!

In the end we decided traveling with 2 kids wasnt bad, BUT we are going to need a day inbetween flying, so we can actually enjoy the time, without stress, or jet lag. It will make everyone less grouchy :) not that there was grouchiness all the time, but more then I was hoping for.

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