Sunday, October 31, 2010

rileys unbirthday

Riley is 4 and a half years old!! Woohoo.. this is mainly a celebration for me... i have only 6 more months of 4 year old attitude!!.. i think 4 years old is a bipolar age.. the worse of the phases so far. But its kinda my fault because i made riley so independant, and he is stubborn. For his special day we went to frys!!! Lol i know. A grocery store.. but they had a family day where the kids got a balloon, decorate cookies, get candy and color! :) perfect! And then i painted his face and tickled him, and chased him around the house for awhile :) because.. its what makes him.. and me happy. These days life is so busy we dont get as much "we" time. He is an awesome kid. So smart and funny. And handsome. And sweet. :) happy unbirthday peanut :) i love you to the moon and back! Your me little hero, i wouldnt be "me" without "you". Xoxoxo
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