Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Already??...

Happy New Year!!

I spend mine at the Police Station, basically behind bars.. well at least tied to the chair unable to leave until 2am, just after the fun was done and gone.

We celebrated a little.

we set off some fireworks, since they are legal now, and we got a million calls about them, I think its only fair that we got to enjoy a bit ourselves.

There are my goals for 2011.. I did put allot of stuff on here this year, but, because.. Since this is the year of accomplishment, I wanted to be able to check allot of them off, Hince.. the Accomplishment part.

I figured I would wake up newly refreshed, and energized! Ready to take on the world. .. well I woke up in the same sleepy state as usual, and the only thing I was ready to take on was Breakfast!. but some great things start slow, and progressivly get better as time goes on by.

its kinda like jr, high.. for girls anyways, when you had a Birthday, in the age rage of 13-16 every birthday, you wake up that morning 100% positive that this is the day! The day you wake up with boobs! finally, or your amazing slender and your hair is full and long, and you have perfect skin! just like the 15 year olds in the movies. then you look in the mirror, and realize its still you, just plain old, frumpy you. new years is what birthdays used to be.. A fresh start, A new beginning. As women we have finally come to realize that nothing changes on our Birthdays, and being anywhere over 28... isnt exciting at all.
So.. we gave up on those Crappy birthdays and turned to New years for that false sense of hope and immediate change for the better we all seek. Yay New years!!
But.. This is the one, I can feel it.. this is the new year where I finally fall into myself and start living my Best life.

2 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Anonymous said...

Behind bars? Sounds interesting... Your list for 2011 sounds alot like mine!

Bethanie and Josh said...

Ha! I love your Jr. High birthday analogy. I'm still waiting on that day when I'll wake up with boobs ;-)