Saturday, January 8, 2011

funny things kids say

Riley.. he is a character! there are a few things recently I need to blog about, that Riley has said.. we were all in the car going somewhere, Riley was in the back/middle.. we were coming up on a red light and it just turned green, but there was a line of cars still stopped.. Riley grabs the arms of his carseat, and lifts himself a bit higher and says with shock and emotion "Holy SHIT!, those cars are stopped at a green light!" mike points at me! hey what did I do?.. lol I know, I have a potty mouth and its odd the moment when you stop to realize your children are really paying attention to you... unless you tell them to clean their room.. Mike and Riley love those dumb commericials, about the pothole, and the cheese commercials,, ok, I admit they are funny. Today mike said Riley saw a new geico commericall. and right afterwards said "that wasnt funny, that was boring! Car Insurance is suppose to be Funny!" ssshhh.. dont tell Riley... I think thats his spiderman.. being used as a chew toy His teenager attitude is getting better, We are trying harder to follow thru with our whole "we are the parents" deal. :) he is a Fantastic big brother! as the mean mom I am.. I told him a few days ago, that brady was starting to eat more, and that we could only afford to keep one of them.. and asked him who we should get rid of.. He looked at me like I was crazy, and said, NO ONE! You have to keep us both because you love us and we love you. and I love turtle and he loves me. :) Smart kid, I guess I'll have to keep forking out that $2.00 a day to keep Riley filled with cold hotdogs, goguarts, cereal, and spaghetti O's.. :) He even throw a bit of a fit when I have to take brady out of the living room, for his nap time, or to change or feed him. He wants him to stay with him, and he watches him pretty good :) and I LOVE to hear them laugh from the other room.this is at red lobster.. a waiter came up and talked to mike about the Buffalo Bills, and when he left Riley said "daddy tell that guy why he doesnt have any hair" lol good thing the guy was already gone.. then he said to me later "Mommy, why did You really just eat that CRABS ARMS!" lol yummy crab legs! :) he refused to tough the claw.. but Turtle however wanted to eat it. last week.. when it snowed in Mesa, I was driving, it was snowing,.. I know this because when I looked down at my windshield there was ice all over it! I looked up, and this is what I saw.. a beautiful sky, while it was snowing on us :)

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