Sunday, January 23, 2011

Help me choose!? :)

Ok so the I heart faces weekly challenge is "innocent wonder"
I have so many shots that fit this theme perfect! Here are a few I was thinking about, but I need help picking one thats perfect :)

1. brady eat grass bright

2. brady eat grass vintage

3. brady looking at ducks w/sun

4. Riley at the aquarium, with his little reflection looking back at him.

I took a vacation day last tuesday..
We went to serranos, the park and then to the aquarium at AZ mills mall.

Here are some pics, Riley didnt want to do park pics, but he had a great time running around, and some little meanie kid thru sand on his shirt!

Turtle kept picking at the duck poop.. lol, thank goodness for wipes. I couldnt get him to stop :) silly kid

2 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Dutchess said...

I vote for Riley @ the aquarium

Amy said...

I like the very first Brady pic.