Saturday, January 15, 2011

He's Back!

Oh, Riley My Riley! :) How I have missed you so MuCH!! (wondering where he went) he went to temporary insanity pre-teenage attitude land for a visit.. But he is BACK! woohoo I noticed the change almost instantly.. It was amazing, like I gave him a Alice in Wonderland "eat me" cookie and that little back talking, eye rolling monster inside shrunk down so small I can no longer see him, and only the sweet, helpful kind boy remains to hug me :) I LOVE IT!

I told him the other day.. if you be good you can have that for your birthday "toy story 2 play set" he said "I'm going to be good for the rest of my LIFE" I've been good for 7 days! isnt that Crazy?!" Yes it is crazy! and it was nearly 7 days right on the dot! So its like he knew, when he made the choice to be good, and he is following thru.

even today, I changed Brady, put the diaper on the table, by the time I stood up and went to grab the diaper, Riley had already got it, and was throwing it away, and putting the bottle on the sink!. :)

Today Papop came over and cut up the tree in the back yard! I am SO thankful for him, he is awesome! and Riley helped.. He did a good job!

Im so sad for our tree, It was beautiful, the biggest on in our area, and full of leaves and branches.. although we can use it for firewood now..

But I am determined to plant another tree there.. and maybe in the corner. An apple tree, an orange tree.. or both :) or a lemon tree

Riley fell asleep on the couch a few nights ago.. like this

Does Not look comfy

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