Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hello & welcome to my Happy World :)

I had a great day yesterday... a day that reminds me of how Blessed I am...

I woke up.. there in itself is good,
Mike was happy :)
We got ready and went to lunch with Andrea at Peter Piper,
Brady was happy
Riley was.... well.. hmm.. ok so everything wasnt perfect.. moving on
After lunch mike took me to Best Buy..
to get my new CAMERA!! He got it for me.. well he gave me most of the money for it
Its on my goals list this year, and I get to check it off my list! woohoo

Its beautiful! I love it, but I need to take the time to learn how to use it..
I played with it today and pics are below... lots of them

after lunch we came home, I cleaned the kitchen and my friend Becky came over to hang out for a bit.

A few hours later, Mike took me and the kids to Red Lobster to use my gift card I got for Christmas.. Excellant Food, great service and good kids.. and a Strawberry Daiquiri, YUMMO! then we came home and stuggled on the couch to watch the Bachelor.. I love that show!

Great day :) Loved it.. happiness Here are some pics I took with my new camera..

Houston...........we have curls...........
Brady has a natural Mohawk.. straight down the middle, after washing his hair, it dries curling up like a mohawk.. Crazy!

I'm not sure what this face is all about, but its funny...

Yes I know Riley is in only 1 of these pictures.. I kept asking him to stand still and smile.. he would say No..

and he would run away... Is he 5 yet? cause 4 sucks.

I took these pictures thru the mesh on the pack and play, I think it gives it an awesome texture! I love them :)

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Amy said...

Love his little mohawk! I wish you joy and happiness with your new camera!