Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How I know your tired lit'l one..

Everynight that I am home, Riley stays up super late with me! Which is great, because that means he sleeps in with me too :) when he starts getting really tired he asks for something to eat, then, "Riley wants something else" I know he talks in the 3rd person, as soon as I make him something to eat.. he falls fast asleep!.. Last week I gave him an ice cream cone, and he fell asleep in his room, with it still in his hand! What a mess that was.

a little Riley story..
On Valentines day.. I got riley one of those little heart shaped boxed with 4 chocolates in it.. and a thomas the train card. We were sitting on my bed, he opened the card first. (good boy) his eyes nearly popped out of his head, when he saw thomas! :) then he asked to open the heart box. I took the plastic wrapping off and he lifted the lid... his eyes got wide and he said "its beautiful! I love it!" It was the cutest thing ever! I didnt even know the word beautiful.. but he is a smarty! My first thought was.. its just chocolate!.. but to someone so small, its was the best thing in the world that day! I will never look at chocolate the same again.


I have to find 2 dresses, or well at least two somethings to wear to my brother-in-laws wedding and reception.. Now considering I have the shape of a wrinkly apple at this time of my life,. poses quite a problem... So I dragged my sis-in-law to be out with me today shopping.. I didnt take pictures of course!! lol, that would be silly! We went to Ross! of course everything they have in fluffy girls looks like I should be circling a fire pit with paint on my face and waving my arms around!. Sp on to the mall! Torrid.. everything looks like I am trying to be punk goth... and your girls hang out the top! Not that its all bad,.. Lane bryant.. one poka dot dress, I got stuck in twice!! I coulnt find the arms, couldnt get it off because I was tangled inside someone, and Laci and I ended up laughing so hard we cried.. One to JCPenney's.. I found a dress!! in a regular size!!... Its kind of boring though, it looks like a church dress. its pink and bown poka dots, its like this.. but only different color..

What I really wanted was a dress like this!! :)

Since the wedding is on the beach.. oh well I'll keep looking! Shopping for the perfect dress is tough!!

I got this dress from alloy,... it only goes to xl, and is a little snug around the middle :( but it a me dress.. so.. I am stepping up my biggest loser program starting tomorrow!! I have one month to fit into the thing!!

Shopping for dresses is suppose to be fun!! Not depressing :(

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elephants,Butterflies & Swords

Last weekend on V-day Riley and I went to the renaissance festival with Heather and her family :) It was fun! I didnt get as many pictures as I would have liked, but next time I will

See this amazing necklace I got!! I love it :) I have been wanting one since christmas and kept seeing the commercial.. but did my hubby get it for me?? for V-day!! :) LOL, no!! of course not, but my best friend did! Its great to have a best friend that can turn your bad day around :) Thanks Heather

Riley is my shades.. 3 people at the festival referred to him as a little girl.. Hmmmm.... Should I cut his hair?? even one lady who was sitting right next to him, with her little boy who was the same age..

Although he is cute.......& I dont put bows on him... Hmm.. I dont get it

I guess wearing my sunglasses doesnt help, but he didnt put them on till we were about to leave :)

Snow Day

Its our first official family snow day! Last Tuesday we drove up to Payson, Thats one great thing about having days during the week off. Everyone else had to work, so we had the entire payson park to ourselves! With tons of fresh snow! Its been years and years since I have seen snow, the kind that covers the ground and makes that squeezy sound when you step on it. I took tons of pictures
Mike loves the cold, so he didnt wear a jacket, just long sleeves, but his hands were freezing about half way thru. :)

Riley eating snow,, at least its clean :) he picked up some off a rock, and it had mud in it.. ewe.. gross!

I think I hit him right after this pic was taken! :) He was a good sport about me throwing snowballs at him, :) I was proud there was very little FOS

I got Riley pretty good a couple of times!

This is me pouting cause mike said it was time to go :( I was so sad, I wanted to play all day long

We went to Denny's after and mike got this "ANTI" onion ring, I thought it was cool.. :) I should make a poster of it :)

Here is my sweet little boy! :) It was a great day! I cant wait to go back again next year!

"blue period"

Wasnt that the title of painting a really really long time ago.. when one of those famous painters where drepressed and created painting during that time. See what High School does for you.. I can put together bits and pieces of what I learned..
Well the last few weeks have been my blue period. I did however take my fair share of pictures but I am sooo far behind on the 365 project i'll have to count and fill in the blanks one day soon.. But for now I will start a-fresh :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Project 365 Day 22

I let Riley run wild in the backyard today! So there were some great pictures opp's
To bad the ground was wet or it would have been more fun.
He dug a giant hole in the ground and spread rocks all over, soooo we will be fixing that tomorrow :) But boys will be boys,

My sweet boy :) I wouldnt trade him for the world!

Project 365 Day 19

Cheat day!! woohoo, I have been looking forward to cheat day every moment of everday since I started this barely eating anything crap. We went to chili's with the family, It was fantastic. I didnt do tooo bad, I only had one dr pepper no refills, and I took all the fried bread off of my chicken tenders before I dunked them in honey mustard :) I am sure that saved me several calories.
Here is a pic of Riley in the truck, I know I should have taken one of the whole family at chili's Dang.. next cheat day :) I will

can you believe this woman is nearly 5 months pregnant!!! She is very blessed, you cant even tell!! :) We think its a boy this time!

Dad & Jenny :)

Harlee & Lit'l Grace :)

Project 365 Day 15

:) I know I am soo behind on these., and I missed a few days, but Iv been under the weather and proud that I am posting as much as I can.

This was friday before the superbowl, we got to wear jersey's @ work, and of course we were soo excited to not have to wear our polo shirts for a day!! :) We had allot of fun at work that day, its crazy how one little bend in the rules can make your job so much more fun! One day I am going to take pictures with my whole face in them!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Project 365 day 17... I think

Its been nearly 72 hours sober, and yes I mean sober.. what a drug soda is. Its my entire personailty... that's where I got my bubbly nature.. the bubbles in the soda.... how sad. :( I'm sad. This is a pic of my dinner and snacks.. notice the bottle of exedrin migraine in the picture. How boring life is with decent food. Like.. fries, pizza,little debbie snack cakes, mexican food!! And the all mighty mt dew.. people say, nothing tastes as good as thin feels. :p. Its cause after years of eating stuff that tastes like cardboard u forget what good is.. ok enough complaining, ill try 2 be more positive...woohoo carrots & whole grain bread score!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Project 365 day 14

On the way 2 work..... traffic,,,, soooo slow, I hate when they squish u into one lane for nothing. So I had time 2 take a pic of the pretty tree. Can't wait till they start blooming, I love spring.

Project. 365 day 16.

I know these will be out of order ill have 2 correct them, what iv noticed is that unless I take the pics via phone, I can't seem 2 blog everyday because I don't download my camera, today my father in law came over today, its been awhile since I saw him, he is a huge help and always a friendly face. :) he fixed out sprinklers and mowed our yard. Made me realize I have been outside in a long time!! And the weather is perfect and my little hammock is calling my name, so maybe on my day off ill take some time 2 enjoy my backyard :)