Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flowers and Balls

Its perfect weather right now for Riley to be outside playing.,, Not to hot but yet warm enough.. not to have to find his pants! He got a watering can on our vacation, Now he takes it everywhere! In the bath, walking around the house, and he loves to water the my flowers outside. he is a sweet boy, I love him so

He got a basketball hoop for his birthday last year! & now he is finally getting allot of use out of it! :) Mike took him to the high school last night to watch Uncle Jason and Rob from mike's work practice basketball. So Riley has been saying all day.. I have to practice mommy.. :) Maybe we have a career ahead of us :) or at least a very expensive high school hobby!.
This is a funny shot... Right before the picture went the ball bounced off the rim and smacked him in the head.. LOL.. thank goodness it was soft

Its great watching him grow up, learn new words try new things. :) I am a very proud mommy of my little man.

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