Saturday, April 18, 2009

San Diego trip from Hell.. Part 2

The decision was made to do something fun the next day, and try to take the 7pm flight back to phx :) Since by the time we got back to the hotel it was nearly midnight. I wanted to try to enjoy something while we were there! :) Besides the actual wedding of course.
After not being able to sleep all night long! We got up late, grabbed our stuff and headed out. We went to dinner with Gene and Jenny at Denny's Riley was.. a.. not good boy! He was crying and screaming the whole time, refused to eat anything ect. None of us had any money left, so I am sooo Thankful Gene and jenny bought breakfast! :) Everyones credit cards were getting declined right and left! It was so sad :( even the bride and grooms for the hotel room, ours for the rental car, chris and emily's for the hotel room, eventhough they had money on it. It was like all the banks were against us all.

we headed down to the Jolla beach to see the sea lions and play for awhile. when we got down there, it was beautiful, but we had to park 1/2 mile from the sea lions, and the beach was down at the bottom of the huge cliff we were on. so.. to get to the water you had to go down tons of stairs, and there wasnt much sandy space.
there were about 8 sea lions.

Riley and Gracee held hand when we were walking all the way back to the car, it wsa so cute, they looked like they were on a date.

We went to see sharons friends leanne's apt and the pool on her roof.. I reallllly didnt want to go :( I know that sounds bad, but I just wanted to do something fun.. anything fun! but we ended up staying there for hours just killing time waiting to leave.. this is when my attitude got pretty crummy! We should have taken the 8am flight but no one wanted to get up early, so instead we sat at someones house, watching a kids movie while the kids were playing with cat toys and fighting with each other for hours. so Mike, Riley and I went to sit in the car for awhile. to try to improve our moods,. didnt work. but riley was happy, since there were trolly and train tracks just feet from where we parked.

we finally left and got to the rental car place at 445pm, returned the car, walked to the airport, waited in several lines, security was nuts.. to discover we couldnt catch the 7pm flight, so we were scheduled on the 815pm flight,.. which was delayed to 925pm.. so we waiting for hours in the airport, right across from a very loud bar full of crazy people.

This is the ceiling I spent about 3 hours staring at.. and I laerned.. Life is much easier to deal with.. when you listen to your ipod full blast :) You cant hear anything and it almost seems like a crazy movie..
we finally got on the plane, at least it was almost empty and we could have each had our own row!

We got back home at 12:15 :( I am sooo glad that trip is over!! Thank goodness,
We have the wedding reception on friday, but at least its in town, and I am hoping everything goes smoother then this trip did.. But Now we dont have a dime to get them anything :( I suppose we will come up with something.

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Bethanie and Josh Hestermann said...

This is all very sad...I'm glad you guys survived and are home now!

Charli said...

I learned a long time ago that large group trips are never as fun as you think they will be, Almost sonething will go wrong and quick trips on top of that with young kids are even harder because you just changed their routine! The plane ride could of given Riley a ear ache which could of been part of his grumpy moods, Poor thing.
It might not have been any easier for you if you guys had driven. Young kids get cranky in very long car rides too.
FYI : you should call you Credit card company before you go on your next out of state trip, they could of delcined your cards because of strange activity , since you dont make it a habit of spending large amounts out of state, Same with debit card too. The first time Andy used he card for gas in Vegas it got declined. :)

amy said...

Yick. I hate watching kids play while you have to sit and pick your nose.

Sorry it was such a drag.

Double Dipped Sweets said...

I'm sorry that your trip was so hard! On the up side, your family is adorable!