Saturday, April 18, 2009

San Diego trip from Hell.. part 1

We went to San diego for my brother in laws wedding, he wanted to get married on the beach at sunset. The trip started ok, We all got up early and flew Non-res to San Diego. The plane was packed! But the flight attendant did a back flip.. which was pretty cool :) We got to the rental car place after walking what seemed like forever threw crowds of people to find the Thrift Car Rental van. When we got to the rental place We had to wait in a line of 4 people ahead of us.. (not bad) but it took nearly an HOUR! Our estimated total online for 27 hours was $58.00.. we had to upgrade to a van to fit more people.. then the total went to $199.68 my credit card was declined.. So I had to use my other one, which all my bills are scheduled to come out this week. Piling into the rental car Mike was extremly upset. due to the fact that he was going to reserve a van 3 weeks ago, but his mother told him not to that we would all take the trolly, and it would be cheaper! Everyone was tired and irritated, and Riley leaked all the way threw his pants, we got lost trying to find a Taco Bell, then when we were at Taco Bell., mike told me he lost our plane tickets to get home!!! But it was my fault because when he tried to give them to me, I asked him to keep them in his pocket till we got to the hotel.. so I wouldnt lose them!... At this point everyone was upset that we flew there, and didnt just drive like we wanted to.
Found the Hotel, the hilton.. Sharon the (MIL) got us a discount thru her friend leanne, which was very nice :) But the hotel wasnt anything special, just a place to sleep, so we all crashed just a few hours before the wedding.. I woke up to Riley sleeping like this..

We woke up just in enough time to throw on clothes and head to Laci and Adams Hotel.
Riley's shirt was sooo long! and he refused to tuck it in, he wasnt in the best of moods.
The wedding was beautiful, it was short but nice, It was so chilly outside, here are a bunch of pics :) This was one of the only fun things about the trip!
This is one of my fav pics, mike took it! :) I think I might have it framed for them.

Laci is smacking mike here! he deserved it, he was standing on his toes trying to be taller, then he would slouch down, what a dork! I would have hit him harder if it were our wedding pictures!

One day I am going to get a real Pedi! Instead of doing my own.. I like the french tip thing.

see how long Riley's shirt is!? Its crazy!

After the wedding, we got together and decided where to go for dinner! :) We went to the Fish Market :) it was really good, and expensive.

After dinner we went back to the hotel to crash! We were all trying to figure out which flight to take the next morning, since they all appeared to be pretty packed..
The wedding was good :) Dinner was good, and having Laci in our family is great! She is a geat person and we are so blessed that she wanted to join our family :) I wish they didnt have to move to Texas though :(
..Oh... Mike found blank tickets later in the day so we could fly home, just had to make a bunch of calls to be able to use them, Sometimes its a great thing that he has OCD :)

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Heather said...

I am SOOOO SOOOO SORRY! Your inlaws are a lot like mine... just so not worth it on many levels! I am glad you are home. I'm sad you guys have the reception Friday, you're gonna miss Spencer's birthday celebration!

amy said...

It looked pretty on the beach...if nothing else :)