Saturday, April 11, 2009

Harlee's birthday party

Happy Birthday Harlee!!

Harlee turned 5 years old today! :) She had her party at Chucke Cheese.
The pizza is kinda yucky, but I like the way they let the kids just run all over, and they have lots of games. It was SOOO hot in there! and tons of kids running around but Riley had a nice time.. he is sooo dramatic lately. I hope his attitude is better for his party in a few weeks.
I didnt get many good pics because I forgot to change my battery in the camera. DUH!
But here are a few

Th employees looked soooooo un-thrilled to be doing there job, and when they had to do the chucke cheese birthday dance, they barley even moved, were looking up and rolling there eyes the whole time.. but after about 2 hours of crazy kids!! I could see why, having to do that 10 times a day, would be a horrible job! But they were teenagers, and have to work there way up to less misrable jobs :)

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