Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My first D-Backs Game

It was FOP (faternal order of Police) night at the D-backs game. So we got to sit in the All you can Eat section!! Which was great! Mike ate 9 hotdogs, yes 9!! plus chips, tons and tons of soda, peanuts and popcorn! There was never a line, and we were really close. It was great dinner and activity! :)
I guess I thought it would be more entertaining really.. Most the time I forgot there was even a game going on! :) The score ended like 2-0.. we left early when the score was 1-0, It was Riley's first game, and it was basically free so I am glad we went. :)

Here is mike & me, he is a goof! I suppose he is tired of all my picture taking.. but.. thats what I do here :)

I think Riley had fun, My friend Dee and her hubby Toby were there, Toby had him cracking up making silly faces at him.. and he hasnt stopped making goofy faces at me since we got home.

All & all, it was fun, but I dont think I would go if we had to pay allot, I would rather be playing baseball, instead of watching it. This pic is kinda cool, They had the top open, and the moon looked pretty neat!

2 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Bethanie and Josh Hestermann said...

Nine hot dogs?? Wow that takes talent! Leave up to the husbands in the world to impress us in the strangest ways possible! :)

That's a really good picture of you! Your eyes look lovely!

amy said...

Fun! I love going to baseball games! Don't really care to watch them on t.v....but being there is awesome.