Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Beginning of Christmas!

I love Christmas,, I love how everything seems to sparkle and shine, and the nice people get a bit nicer, and the grumpy people get more irritated then normal :)

Yesterday we did the Christmas tree and a few decorations around the house. I had already had tbe tree up, but eventhough its pre-lit half of the top lights werent lighting, so I finally broke down and baught a cheap small set to replace them :)
I havent gotten our family ornament yet this year, but I did get Riley's I was at Target and couldnt resist it! Its totally him this year! Every time I ask him, why didnt he clean his room "because cleaning is so boring" Lol,

He had a great time going threw all the christmas totes, seeing what he wanted to put up.

This is his fake smile....

Fake but cute never the less :) He has been begging me to put up pictures of his Christmas train that goes around the tree.. But I am mad at it right now, and maybe will next time :)

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Amy said...

Way cute ornament!...and kid :)