Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We went to the Polar Express train ride in Globe Az. It was the first year it was open since the train and the station was restored by local volunteers. Riley and I love trains and have never been on a real one. So I was so excited to go on our first real train!!
For the 3 of us is was $60, more then I wanted to pay of course but I figured well worth it! we went to dinner first at Village Inn,

Riley had Pie for Dinner and didnt want to eat it.. What? a kid not wanting pie for dinner??... instead he wanted my eggs and bacon..Hmmm.. but he did enjoy eating the jelly with a spoon right out of the little plastic container...

why did we let him have pie for dinner? and eat straight jelly??. That is a good question.. but it was Michaels idea and I wasnt up for argument. :)

we drove, there.. had to use the bathroom as soon as we arrived.. there were 2.. 1 was broken, and there was a line of 9 elderly people ahead of us.. got our tickets. boarded the train.. and noticed.. Hmm.. everyone has tables and they are facing each other.. but us. and a few other people.. we had bus style seating.. :( and mike had to sit behind us. that was disappointing because we wanted to interact and talk to each other while riding.

we began to move.. Backwards! BACKWARDS!?? Holy crap, I felt dizzy and nausea. so I had to sit 80% turned around, for 45 mins while the train backed up and swayed back and forth. it was dark. we couldnt see anything outside., except a few houses with lights and an autozone in the distance.

We got hot chocolate, which was... Hot and riley burned his tongue spit it out on him, me and the seat, we arrived at the "NORTH POLE"!! they made a big deal over the intercom,, and everyone turned to look in wonder and excitement... it was a sign.. that simply stated.. the north pole with lights around it.. and a blow up penguin stuffing letters into a mail bag.. they announced santa was now on the train and would visit the kids

Riley was so excited, waiting for santa to come to our car.,. He showed up a few mins later behind us.. Riley saw him.. and started to cry and scream outloud. Hiding behind me and crying he wouldnt even look up.. or talk to anyone... after we missed santa and he passed our car, riley wouldnt calm down,, he was paranoid the rest of the ride.. they read a night before christmas over the intercom, and some 85 year olds sang songs going up and down the tiny aisle..

we got off.. took a picture of the train.. and one with his bell.. one of michael by the crossing train sign.. then went home.

It experience,. and something new we did together.. and something I dont think we will be doing for a long time..

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Bethanie and Josh Hestermann said...

Haha, oh my gosh you're too funny! I'm sorry it wasn't what you expected, but you guys made some memories nonetheless! Happy New Year!