Friday, December 11, 2009

Candy Houses and Poking out.

Today I was suppose to go to scottsdale to take my Finals.. I have 3 classes to do, and the tests will take a few hours, well I got ready to leave, and then checked the website for the building # for the testing center.. and learned on Fridays they close at 4:45 instead of 7pm! :( Darn it!! I took a whole day off too But.. we did do .. Gingerbread Houses. or well... graham cracker houses.

Mike did it with us! They never got to make them as a kid, But he did a great job! & He got messy! :) Im so proud of him!

Riley did good :) and he liked it, and thr roof's didnt fall in!!
Mine looks like more like a Graham Cracker Barn. :)

I tried to make my own icing. but.. something went wrong, and it was thin and off white!? I was confused then My super smart hubby brought to my attention that the vanilla I put in it was dark brown.. Lol Duh!
Thank goodness I had a spare can of Creamy white icing.

Here is my belly button! :) It was popping out today! It didnt do that till a few days before I had Riley.. its kind of funny,, Pretend you dont see the stretch marks :)

& our christmas tree :) and stalkings.. Riley and I got new ones.. Mine has daisies, and jingle bells on it :) Rileys is a santa and has a furry beard :)
Its not a good pic, but hard to get when it sparkles and twinkles..

2 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Charli said...

how fun!!

Amy said...

Love the stretch marks. People that don't get them stir a little hatred in me.

Your belly button makes me giggle.

That stocking is SO you!