Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This Thanksgiving was so busy!! :) I was planning to take the day off & that friday, but when I learned I would be losing 16 hours of time and a half... I decided to suck it up and work :) not without a chip on my shoulder though, of course :p So I got up fairly early and started cooking my portion of Thanksgiving dinner,

The kids had a graet time! :) Riley found Michaels old cabbage patch doll, and named it Polly, carried him around most of the day.

Then he chased the girls around outside playing Deisel 10!

Then it was off to work for me!.. yay fun.. it was fairly uneventful until about 730, when the family fights started occuring, and the 911 was ringing off the hook!

Right after work 10 hours and 15 mins later I headed to walmart! Brite and early at 4am for Black Friday! Emily and I always go to Apache Junction on because its usually not busy,, it was a different story this year! It was so busy and we didnt get out of there till after 6 am! We saved allot of money and I got all my christmas shopping done except stocking stuffers. without Black Friday shopping we wouldnt have been able to have much of a christmas! So Thank you Walmart & for Price matching!

I finally got home after 6:30 and I was so tired! 5 hours of sleep and back to work again! By Sat I was exhausted! but still managed to complete 5 chapter tests in my class.. :) & make a lovely dinner

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gene said...

there is no NUT in that shell , only a HEART that is big as TEXAS and KINDER than a CHRISTMAS ANGEL. You are so special, I Love you and miss you,