Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Its a Boy!? @ what the heck?

I was sad, I wont lie, I was sad and actually cried in the Dr. office, I think I was so sad because we were So sure, and Liberty was already part of our family. I didnt mean to get my hopes up, it just happened. Then my Dr came in, and I have already bonded with the entire Dr. Office staff. She hugged me and told me its ok to grieve, and thats why we find out early so we can.. then we have time to re-set the visions of your future and make this baby part of your life,. I agree..
I think I was sad because.. Having a little girl.. means.. someone to wear my clothes around the house....
my maternity underwear from when I had Riley.. (sorry not a good pic from my phone but surely a funny one!)

Someone to run around the house with and play silly games, hiding in laundry hampers......

Someone who I can paint their toe nails and we can brush each others hair :)

Someone who loves to help out around the house, just to hang out with mom

Someone I could dress up, in dresses and bows....

Someone who loves to go shopping with me and try on funny hats

Someone who loves to cook with me! and doesnt mind if I stick my fingers in the cookie batter :) and someone to give the other spoon to Lick, to save me some calories..

Someone who for halloween I can put in cute costumes, and not just wear boy costumes with ugly masks,

Someone to talk to, to laugh with, to share things with, and someone who when they get older will be thoughtful and think about things I would like, and we can make holidays special for each other.

....and then I stopped and thought about what I was thinking..
So I dont get the bows, and all the dresses, Not yet anyways.. But someone day I will.. and I already have all that.. I have an amazing son who loves to do those things with me, and he is still 100% boy. He brings me flowers whenever he goes outside, because he knows they make me smile. He lets me put blush on his cheeks, cause I think its cute when they are rosy, then he washes it off :) and says yuck
I have the best of both worlds right now, and I know that Brady will be an amazing sweet boy like Riley.

I need to get the vision out of my head, of 3 smelly, dirty boys running around shooting things at adults, kicking them, sticking out their tongue, and running away yelling.. Because That is Not my son, and I am raising him to be different and I will raise Brady to be a kind, friendly, awesome boy.

I did make Riley promise, that he will watch chick flicks with me, when I have no one to go to the movies with, and he promised that he will always like to look at pictures of our family, and things we did when he was little. :)
So I am not sad anymore, and I havent quite got to the excited part yet, but its coming, I did get a really nice super soft blanket for him and some cute star onesies. I gave 80% of my stuff to my sister, so its like starting over again, which is fun, but quite expensive, but we will make it work :)

Someday I will have a little girl, and she will be perfect, but until then, I will make sure I raise 2 amazing young men, I am excited to see what he will look like,. Riley has such an angelic face and I wonder if Brady will be the same way,, nearly to cute to be a boy, But I know that Riley is determined for fame, :)

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Bethanie and Josh Hestermann said...

Great post...I could almost see you coming to terms with a different vision of your new life. And I think it will be a wonderful one :)

P.S. I'm told that if I had been a boy, I would have been named Brady too! Cute name!!

Charli said...

love the name and who knows he might like to wear bows.. Seb likes to walk around in my heels and he's 8! crazy boys..

Amy said...

I'm glad it's coming to you!