Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trick or Treat


It was fun..

Chris and Emily came over with the kiddos and we went around our neighborhood.

Im not quite sure,,, what kind of face.... this is... that Riley is making....... maybe, its a superhero Face!! :)

Our neighborhood was great! they had some cool houses! & lots of candy
LOOK! A Ninja Turtle :) lol,

even the firetruck came by and gave candy to the kids

Riley was suppose to be a police officer, But I've been wanting to make superhero costumes since JUNE! finally I got motivated to do it.. the day before! :)

here is 2 double chin pics :p Yuck! but they have to be shown, its a family pic , see this is what happens when you take picures of people looking Up at you,,.,. you Double!

Messed up on mikes shirt and spelled Genius wrong, Mike loved it, he thought it was the perfect shirt made by his little wife who cant spell for crap..

Mike looks goofy in this pic, but it shows my mess up, lol
Made riley shirt and turtles cape, and masks, they turned out good.

The girls were princesses , and kingston was a vampire!! Emily was a pink lady and Chris was Mike Holmes! :)

It was nice, and I only had 1 piece of candy!! Almond joy

Oh... I was super mom :) I would say in real life I'm working my way up to super mom, but I these days I'm giving myself credit for things... school, work, family, house, blogger :) farmer :) dont laugh, its hard work making sure my crops on farmville are taken care of. so, I'm a Super-Mom in progress.

More costume pics of the kiddos to come soon.. yeah.. I'm "THAT MOM" :) and I LOVE it!

Oh yeah! So, Riley is like MIKE! allot!, we got his candy and eventhough we had streets to go, he said, OK lets go home now, and even talked gracee into going back to the house, we took a short cut thru the park down the opposite side of our street we started, I asked him to do a few more houses, he ok "OK MOm, 1 more house and thats it!. so he did, then we walked a bit further and there was a lady 2 houses down from us standing at the street with her bowl. She said here is some candy to Riley, he said, nope, I dont want anymore, she said well its chocolate the good kind a promise and started walking toward him (she was a nice lady dressed in jeans and tshirt and looked like me) Riley took off running away from her said "I said I dont want anymore candy!!!" Who runs away from candy!??.. so she gave it to me, it was reese's yum.. Lol, my kid is nuts! when he is done.. he is DONE! no more candy!! Crazy Kiddo.

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Charli said...

great job on the costumes, I didn't have the time or the space to make any this year