Saturday, November 6, 2010

I love the Fair!

We went to the Fair...

It was donation get in free day, so I went to the dollar store before, so my and my little family got in for $3 bucks. So much to see, and do..

So many different types of people!, It was hot!! its Novemeber.. I dont think mother nature has flipped her monthly calendar for a long time!

Turtle likes sweet tea :)
we ate.. allot... hey its the fair,, Fries... frozen bananas, philly cheese steak, funnel cake with strawberries and whipped cream, ice cream, hot dog ect.. even taking a few bites of a few things I'm sure I consumed nearly 2000 calories in a short time, but we did walk allot.

We saw a baby calf born 2 hours before, aminals, and then a cool dino exhibit. where of course we took some pics :)

we rode rides, RIley had a great time! he is such an adventurous boy. I love it!

Turtle was great, just along for the ride, and lots of things to look at. I won turtle a turtle.. then about 3 hours later I noticed it was gone
This was the last time I saw it..

:( so.. I had to go back and pay $4 to win him another.. but he did love it! and its his first fair prize! :) we still have Rileys first one too :)

Riley went on the Ferris wheel with me! MIke was scared to go :) Riley got a bit scared too at first but he loved looking at everything so high.

After Riley went on the superman ride, he got off and I asked him how was it?! he grabbed his chest, and took a deep breath and said " I think it almost broke my heart" LOL, I think that was a bit scary for him, but he still wanted to go again!

Good day, good fun! Next time EMILY has to go with ME!!! I need someone to ride all the scary rides with!!

Riley thought it was cool that they had Fries named after him!

& we passed all the games, and each time Riley would beg to play the dart/balloon game! But it was like $2 for 1 dart! but finally I gave in, and the guy showed him how to hold it, then he said "ok kiddo its easy I throw it POP! (and he did and the he pointed at riley and said) and you throw it.. and riley did and POP! Holy crap he did it! on his first try he threw it and popped the balloon! mike and I cheered I think we were more excited then he was, because we were so proud of him and never thought he would get close on his first try! :)
Just a couple pictures I love i got off my phone, The first was taken right as I gave the turtle I won to Brady, I love the excitment on his face! :)
The next one is sweet, his eyes are closed but he looks like he just smelled something so sweet that makes him happy, like warm bread or a beautiful flower, I think I took this just as the sun hit his little face, so he closed his eyes, but yet, that smile of bliss.. tells so much about his personality!

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Amy said...

Looks like fun! I love that picture of you:)

Mother Theresa said...

Very very cute kids! I love the last picture, very sweet. :)

Snichols said...

Thanks! You have a beautiful family!