Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just the little things that count

We grew peppers in our garden,

they turned out good! :)

I even got Riley to lick on to see if it was hot! LOL, silly boy, but I couldnt get him to bite into one! Notice the 1980's headband thing that Riley is wearing, looks like Olivia Newton John from Flashdance.. guess what it is??.. A superhero headband!!.. are you surprised,

Here is the bush that Riley always brings me flowers from everytime he goes outside
He will be a good husband to a lucky gal someday

Gave Turtle his christmas present very very early!! but it was making to much noise rolling around in the back of my car, when I turned a corner it sang "row row row your boat" ACK! scared the crap out of me a few times on my way from work at 230am.

He refuses to sit up. he is 7 months now! found a solution, to he could play with the ball, and have help sitting up!!.. A BIG BUCKET!

Yeah I know.. but it worked didnt it, and Riley had a great time in there with him,

Who knew 2 $4 buckets from walmart could create so much fun!! :) for about 30 mins.. then RIley was off being a superhero again, and brady was whining because it was nap time.

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