Sunday, November 14, 2010

Utah family pictures :)

Amy downloaded our pictures from the Utah Trip!!
They turned out great!!
so here are a bunch I love :)

This 4th one is my favorite.. cause it doesnt show my overly round face which I hate,
I love the different colors she used :) and I ordered some for my walls from artscow :)
Next time we wont fly in take pics, go to bed get up take pics and fly home.. LOL to hard.. I told mike we should have stayed 2 days! then everyone would have been smiles the whole time..

2 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Charli said...

I just love the picture I could get some tips from Amy. My fav is the one
with turtle sucking his thumb

McMel said...

the pictures are beautiful! the one you have for your header is my fave!