Saturday, November 27, 2010

Busy Busy Busy...Holiday week,

my sister Tiffany came to visit from missouri. I havent spend more then a few hours at a time with her ever! Since I didnt meet her till she was 11 years old.

We have the same dad. She has a 6 month old named Jacob. He is a cutie!! such bright eyes and a big smile. He was teething the whole time, I felt so bad for him,

He is a normal baby, sometimes he is happy sometimes he is sad, sometimes he whines, and spits up.. Im not used to this, brady hasnt really spit up since he started the medicine for his acid reflux (which he doesnt need to take anymore) and he rarely cries, which I LOVE. when he wants something he just says (ma-ma)

it was great to get to get to know tiffany, and jacob we didnt really get to do anything because I had to work 2 out of the 3 nights she was with me, and I had to get ready for Thanksgiving.

Here are some picts we tried to take of the boys, We wanted to get a good one to give to our dad for christmas....... that didnt work well, with 2 babies and Riley.

here is tiff and brady..

My Birthday!! Holy WOW!! I am 32... Yep.. 32

What a year of changes for me, Instead of the new year being an evaluation moment I seem to use my birthdays instead, when I start thinking about the year that has past and what I have learned and how I have changed, but.. if anyone cares to read about that stuff.. lol doubt it.. it will be on my other blog,

Mike and Riley went to get me a cake the morning of my bday, and flowers and a card,,

He also got me an external dvd/dvr driver for my new netbook, I cant wait to try it and burn home movies to dvd :) woohoo.

Riley picked out the card and cake..

It was a princess cake, I love that he thinks Im a princess. :) and he got me the cutest Hello Kitty card. that said flower girl on the front,
Riley wanted to try the tiara that came on the cake, when he put it on He said "do I look like a handsome prince mommy?" Yes he did!! :)

wow was awesome that night, the girls got pizza and cake and I dont remember actually working at all that night. The officers came up and a few of them tried on the tiara. It was funny. Tyler, Crystal and Olivia came up to say hi. it was great :) and I left early.. I love leaving work early is that bad?. Thats pretty much it, I didnt do anything special, but I was in a good mood and had a nice day.

next day.. bad the guy at tmobile made me cry.. he was new and like used car salesmen make everything sound so Great Amazing and like they are getting jipped by trying to give you a Great deal!! Low life scums,, at the end of my hour at tmobile I had internet for my netbook, but had to open a whole new account, add a line, pay in advance, and not get the refund and waiving of the activation fee as promised,, But I had to have it for school and work. so oh well,

Thanksgiving!!!... I woke up with a horrible migraine, and a bad attitude, I think it was because I wasnt suppose to do thanksgiving at my house, and I wanted more notice to plan, and my sister had to leave for the airport before I even started cooking. I was such a grouch I even put myself in TIME OUT.. 32 mins of just laying there trying to turn my frown upside down, Riley thought I was crazy, and I couldnt get him to leave me alone so I could finish my time out. I dont bother him when he is in his 4 min time out.. geeze.

see the giant dead tree in the background? it was huge, the biggest prettiest one in our area.. it broke during the storm :( boohoo
I cooked.. Turkey = so dry mashed potatos, pan #1 = great big pan #2 CRAP, the top was done but the rest where to crunchy, so I already started adding stuff to them before I realized so I had to put them in the microwave!! for 8 mins! and they still werent quite right,

I forgot to make the apply cobbler, oh well,

family came over, kids ran around yelling and playing, turtle bounced we ate and talked.

It was nice, oh and we finally put up my firepit I got last christmas!! Its awesome, we raosted marshmellows, and hung out for awhile.

Then,, BLACK FRIDAY.. emily, I and Tiff went thru the ads, looking to make a plan. plan was since walmart opened at midnight for non-electronic items we were going there first, then coming home for a couple of hours, then target at 3am -430am then walmart again at 5am.

Riley had his frist sleepover with his cousins! He had a BLAST, Im so glad they are close and he has someone his own age to hang around with, and that they are outdoors people and he has someone to show him things that he wouldnt learn from me and michael.

Emily and I met at Walmart at 1130pm, Holy BUSY, I was parked at the end of the parkinglot. Emily and I got the last two carts! and headed inside to find 300 people (at least) with there carts full waiting in line that was wrapped around the entire store. we had to try and squeeze thru only to find that most everything was already gone!, the movies, the wii games, the cd's, sheets, toys everything. I found a few superhero movies for riley stuffed in the bottom of the pallet for 1.96. and then found the 2 baby toys for brady, and the last 5t jammies for Riley. No jammies for turtle. I really wanted to get Riley the Leapster handheld game system, by the time we got there, of course the whole pallet was gone :( I ran over to the toy section thinking there might be a few on the actual shelf. I found a pink one, and there was an older lady looking to for her granddaughter. I then saw what appeared to be a green one and I gave the pink one to her and grabbed the green one. I helped her in the aisle for a bit and explained how to pricematch the games to save an extra $4 per game. when I took a better look at mine,, it was only the charging station :( oh NO!! I was so sad, and kept looking, as I was helping the lady to find a few other things on her list. Emily and I continued thru the store for another hour looking for things, abnd waiting in line way at the back to start and had to wrap around. I ran to get baby formula and they had the whole baby section taped off because there were about 60 people camped out!! they had sleeping bags and camping chairs!! nuts.. waiting for the tv's.

When I was 3 peole from checking out a lady runs by me, stops and turns and says "there you are, I've been looking for you for over an hour!, I found another game system" :) YAY!! what a graet lady!! im so glad I took time to help her, and when she found one she returned the favor! :) its pink.. but I doubt Riley will even notice! lol. I was so excited, :) yay for good people!

after spending 350 bucks at walmart... I was pretty much done, and went home, skipped target, (ok I bought the sheet online at target,, and mikes gift too) and I didnt have to take Turtle out in the cold, so we slept.. RIley wasnt there, so we slept really good for a long time, I would say I got 12hours of sleep nearly.. 12 hours, Its been nearly 1,5 years since I have gotten that much sleep. then I woke up, and now I'm at work.. all night long.

Black friday = Success

Thanksgiving = 75% Success

Birthday = 90% Success

Sister visit = 60% Success, Busy busy, but overall a great week. :)

Cant believe Christmas is so close!

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Amy said...

Cute cake!!! I'm proud of them. It's screams "CASEY!"