Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pictures of the day..

I worked last night,
when Mike went to bed he found Riley in my spot.. Like this

Mike and Riley went to the nascar race today with mikes dad. They had an awesome time!

Turtle and I took a long nap.. then laid around, did the dishes, made lunch.
Turtle napped again while I harvested my crops :) then when he woke up he bounced for a bit.. then we took funny pictures and both laughed the whole time!




4. ( I figured it was still close enough to Halloween to dress him as a girl )

& what a cute one he would make :) I'm sure his high school girlfriend will thank me for this picture someday :)

we had tummy time.. he is moving.. finally :) But I dont mind that he doesnt get around much yet.. I'll him a baby as long as I can.

Dont be a hater for the dress and bow pictures :) Mike didnt even mind them :)

Mike and Riley got home and Riley was so excited to show me how he Jumped up and down, and waved the Flag around for hours.. Like this..

I told him to stop jumped about 12 times.... then realized that he couldnt hear me because he had those headphones on.. Lol

Nice day didnt get much done, but sometimes... those are the best days :)

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Dutchess said...

Oh, that sleepy Riley is so cute!