Monday, February 14, 2011

Can Big girls fly?

Trapeze! Trapeze U, is in Gilbert, They offered a Groupon... and I'm a sucker for a great deal. & the thought of flying thru the air upside down sounded AWESOME! I was so excited to try it!
In this excitment.. I completely forgot about 2 very very important things..
1. How do you get up on that bar to hang upside down and swing?
2. Gravity

I knew it was going to be challenging since I'm a "curvy chick" but I am always up for a challenge!

Before I left the house, I made sure to put on a long tank top under my shirt. and took a picture of me.. just in case I didnt come home looking the same or fell to my death :)

Can you see the...Nervous Optimisim.. on my face :)

I got lost on the way there.. of course, Mike and Jason met me there.
I brought the boys.
I went with Tiffany and Emily. Who both did a great job!
we signed in, and headed outside to see this

Here are a couple of Before pics :)
When I was still Positive and Excited! :)
Emily.. cool as a cucumber :)
Me and Mike.. he thought I was NUTS for even trying it, but he was So Proud of Me! :)

My and Tiff and our belts, I think that if I would have seen this photo I would have thought twice about this...
me & tiff again! :) I'm so glad she went with us!
Ok! all us girls Ready to go!..

we had a quick lesson on the ground, then one by one we climbed up the ladder for our first attempt.

the other women there were So nice and supportive! :) there were also 2 little boys who did a great job!

Emily went first out of our group.

Then Tiff went right behind her.
As tiff lept off the platform, I was suppose to start climbing the ladder..
After 4 step ups. I thought WHAT THE HELL!  Why is climbing a Ladder so hard!..  the ladder was about 10inches wide, barely able to fit 2 feet side by side, No shoes, and it was Straight up!.. the bars on the ladder were covered in a tape like material that had been weathered and torn and had become really rough!
I climbed my big butt all the way up, then had to step onto the platform that was quite a distance from the ladder. then hold onto the rope and swing around to the other side.
Once on the right side, in the center of the platform the guy clipped on the safety ropes to my belt.
He told me to put my feet over the edge of the platform, .. hold on to the rope with my left hand,  and press my hips all the way forward learning toward the ground,  Grab hold of the Bar in front.  then he will hold me up (not an easy task!) while I let go of the rope and put my other hand on the bar. 
The bar was covered with that same tape stuff that made the bar like Sandpaper on my hands. 
They gave the cue, and I leaped..  well.. free fell  from the platforn.. This is when I was reminded of my dear friend GRAVITY   :)   the belt lifted up! and took my shirt with it, and I couldnt think of anything else but my "Brady Belly" hanging out there for all the world to see.   and I forget to lift my legs up.. so that was it for this try.
yes.. here is the video..  Please..  laugh quietly
I was hoping.. I would looks small 100 ft in the air.. Nope.. I think it was the opposite. Lol Oh well

After the first try Riley came up to me and said in his little attitude voice "mommy, are you sure flying high was a good idea?" 
I tried again.. NOT showing you the 2nd video   My belt went all the way up to my "girls"! but at least I almost got my legs up there the 2nd time.

The nice man came and adjusted my belt  allot lower To be honest I wasnt going to go again, but I thought NOPE I'm going to do this! If my belt doesnt slide then I wont be so worried about my shirt coming up. and I will do a great job!  Ok.. well the only reason I didnt want to do it again was because I ddidnt want to climb that Ladder again! Holy crap! my feet and hands were so sore. But of course. I didnt listen to the little cricket inside telling me to quit while I was ahead..  but No, I'm stubborn like my 4 year old son and wasnt going to quit tha easy.
I climbed up the ladder once again, this time slower...  and stopping at the top for a breath..
I put both my hands on the bar.. something didnt feel right.  I re-ajusted and they gave the cue!  what i'm not ready.. but yet, I leaped to my fate.. As gravity was yanking on my feet I felt my hands start to slip, I held on for dear life, but my hands had a different idea, I FLEW OFF!!
I found out the answer to the Question of the day.. Yes, big girls can Fly.. we just dont do it as gracefully as the smaller ones :) 
here is the video..   feel free to laugh.   I'm secure enough to know I'm still pretty cool, even after showing this video to the world.. and the one before with my 'brady belly" hanging out.
As I landed, (which  didnt hurt by the way)  Riley ran up next to me "Hi Mimmy"
 and I did the walk of  shame back to the edge so I could do the flip off the safety net (which was fun!)
I notice my hands. eventhough I didnt have blisters, the sandpaper bar ripped layers of skin off my hands and skin was sticking straight up 5 big circles of Skin!!   Emily took a pic with her phone but you cant really see it. The instructor came up, grabbed my hands and RIPPED off the SKIN!  I nearly died it hurt so bad! He said... "thats what we call those souvenirs"  I stood there in shock for a few mins and realized I couldnt open or close my hands,  I washed them. They hurt  I held back my tears,  I really really really wanted to cry though..

I sat with mike and jason and the kids while I watched the rest of the girls go on the 2nd round.
Look I'm smiling.  You cant see my hands very well, but at this point they were leaking some sort of clear fluid..  and on FIRE!!  Turtle didnt seem to notice, he was having fun chewing on my necklace.
I could Barely drive home!  They are Huge Red circles today! I can open and close my hands but I cant put anything one them. using my fingers for everything..
Ok ON to the GOOD stuff!

Tiffany did AMAzing on her 2nd attempt, but her hubby didnt take  the video of that one, but she did SO good her first time too!
This was one of her last attempts, I love the commentary in the background :)
Each time after climbing the ladder, got a bit tougher.
Emily got to go in the 2nd round.   this is cool!  :) 
She did AMZING!   she should join the Circus! 
So, the lessons I learned.. Wear Gloves!..
Emily Graduated and got a certificate!  I'm so proud of her!  and Tiffany too! They did awesome and I'm so super glad they didnt think I was totally crazy when I asked them if they wanted to do it with me.

I'm giving myself until I'm 40!  I will do it!  and I will get that certificate one day  :)  I just know it!  I figure that will give me time to have our last child (out little girl)  and then make ME a priority.. so.. It will happen on day :) 
I am so glad I tried it, eventhough my hands, and my tummy, and my pecks, and my knees and my forearm are KILLING me!  I used muscles I didnt even know I had! 
& I can check something off my yearly goals  :)   TO TRY SOMETHING NEW  (check) 

Thanks for going girls!  :)  I had an...Intersting time!  and I am so glad my hubby was there to support me in my crazy idea. 

3 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Snichols said...

You guys did wonderful! You have more guts than I do!

Amy said...

You are brave! I would have been terrified!

I hope your hands are better!

Casey Martinez said...

I got knots in my stomach watching this. I am not afraid of heights but, when I read you describe the ladder and climbing on to the platform I felt sweaty and know that I would be panicking! you are one brave mama!