Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Valenitne (s)

Valentines day is nearly here!

Turtle is crawling like crazy all over! This morning, I was watching TV in the bedroom, and I heard Riley say "No, Turtle" in a mildy desperate voice, "mommy! come help! turtle is going to get Phose's (the cat) Food"
I found them in the kitchen, Riley had both of brady's feet and he was inches from reaching the cat bowl.. But that little sweetpea only looked at me with a Huge Smile! not a care in the world. :) good thing Riley is an excellant babysitter :)
Oh yeah.. I quit Caffeine.. lord help me!, I do miss my Mt. Dew.. but I know that I needed to, at least for a little while :) and cold turkey too! I'm awesome! :) or well.. I keep telling myself that to keep my spirits up.

here is a groovy picture I took of Riley, I think he is awesome, and I got this shot after I tried to take the sucker away from him, beacause.. well.. I wanted it.. It looked yummy and I dont have Valentines parties at work were people give me heart shaped suckers anymore.Boo.
I love his big smile, and his belly laugh, and I love the shadow. its just an honest, stunning picture of my valentine.

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Tezzie said...

What a great smile on your sweet Valentine :D

Tara said...

Such a great cute! Thanks for linking up!

Jennifer said...

So cute! I love this.