Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Renaissance Festival!!

This was Mike's and of course. Turtles first time at the Renaissance Festival! :) We went on Presidents day, and Jason and Tiff came with us.
It was their first time too.
I couldnt believe the line to get in!
& Of course right after we got in, I got a large Mt. Dew and Riley wanted to play a dart game. I put my Mt. Dew in the drink holder in the front of the stroller... Yes I know that my 10 month old is sitting nearby, but for some reason I had a brain freeze.. and forgot that Turtle likes to grab things,
45 sec later.... Turtle is covered in Mt. Dew
MIke Freaked out!.. Of course being the wonderful mommy I am. I came prepared for this.. knowing that something like this might happed..
In the middle of the festival, I stripped my child down, changed in while he was standing up, grabbed the handful of napkins I brought and soaked up the soda in the stroller, put down the blanet. and put the kiddo back in the seat :)
Moving on... (mike was still freaked out) but I found that if I ignore him and be happy.. It helps him get past it faster.
We went to see the Fire Whip SHow! It was awesome!
& He was so funny

we walked around, ate stuff

took pictures,

saw a camel,

watched peoples backsides as I tried to stand on my tippy toes to watch the jousting show..

Riley got a sword, and a shield.. I am against this. or well I was. Because I know kids, and how they are about hitting things.
But.. Riley is doing really well with it, and I am proud of him. He was very happy!

& I got a fairy princess butterfly wand :) yay.

Turtle did great! He just hung out and enjoyed watching people and eating fries.

I cant wait to go next year! :)
& do more fun stuff!

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