Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mean dishwasher, Riley loves Papop

My dishwasher is broken :(  Gross, I Hate it, Its Horrible!!  A Misrable Horrible thing!! 
Beacuse.. we dont have a dish strainer.. bummer,  so we have been washing a few dishes at a time, while the rest Pile on the counter. When I say "we" of course I mean "Me"..  but mike did help me one night, he dried them for me :)

Papop came over it, and the part needed wont be in for about 8 more days!  I am thinking about just throwing all the dishes away and buying new ones :)  SInce 80% of them are cheap-o- walmart dollar bowls and plates.  But I wont, I'll keep washing them.. a little at a time and have to deal with the counter for now..

Riley found a Balloon in the drawer, It has to be years old, from his 2nd Birthday party if I remember right,
Papop blew it up,  and  they played  :) 
It was cute.

I love how much Riley loves Papop,   & watching them play together, makes me happy.
& Papop made me a FarmVille SIGN!! for my Garden! ITs so cute! :) I forgot to download the picture but will tomorrow :) Its awesome! and I cant wait to start planting things!

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Charli said...

sorry to hear that it the little things that makes life simple that we take for granted.
Sugguestion use paper plates No washing required, just make more to take out later.