Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All About Me!.. vlog #3

Me.. me .. me ... me ... Me..

I'm boring, but once in awhile it has to be all about the mom.. The wife. the employee, the student.. the.. Lovely lady of the house :)

This is me if I was black and white with a hint of redish brown :) I think I like me at this color. :)

I got a hair cut, and new earrings :) I dont wear "dangley" ones.. but I got some anyways..
This is me totally uneditted.. except cropped.

this is me Airbrushed!! :) I have never airbrushed myself before, its kinda cool, and I am sure as I get older, and the wrinkles are more plentyful. I will be doing it more :)

Me.. a little cross processed.. I love LOVE cross process, it seems vintagey, and neat-o.

I was at my sisters and we took mirror shots.. um.. cause we are silly :)
I have some great ones to post of her, and Brady, and pictures of all the kids..
But hey.. this is all about Me... remember :)
The mirror is a bit dirty.. But it might have been because she has 2 kids and we were all touching it, lol

Here is my Vlog this week! the theme is.. Guilty  Pleasures :)
yep, I know everyone didnt share all of theirs.. .. I didnt, and this is a G-rated blog.. so this is all you get. :)

Go here... to see more vlogs and their guilty pleasures! :) If you watched it, and made it thru the whole silly video let me know.
Have a great Wed!!
Vloggin' Vednesdays

Ok, thats Enough of ME! I'm tired of me already!..
off to Serrano's we go! Yay Chips and Beans!!.. should have added Mexican food, to my guilty pleasures list! YuM-O!

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