Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blue Bell Ice cream.. YummO!

This face...

Is because of these...

They are Fantastic! You can find a couple varieties at Fry's..

and the Choco covered cherries ones at Target :) Thank you Target, they are my favorite!
There are 12 in a box!! Yes 12! which is so great, usually you only get 4-6, so 12 will be sure to last you 2-3 days! :)

Daddy said "No, Hands"... Booo..
He Loved it, and Michael barely got any of this one
One of my favorite, eventhough you cant see the ice cream, Brady is looking at daddy, and so happy that he is sharing with him

What a good daddy! :) So patient and so Kind :) I love him so

He just realized it was all gone! :( Poo sad turtle,

But. He was happy with option #2, the stick

This is our cat Phose, she isnt in many pictures beacuse she is GRUMPY!
Pretty kitty cat, but a grouch.. and she didnt like that Turtle was eating Ice cream for some reason, :)

This is my.. everyday Life.. I am Happy & blessed.

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