Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am Bridget Jones...

Lately.. I have been feeling like Bridget Jones, without the obvious Man Drama..
Or the smoking which I trade for food..  and Drinking which I trade for loads and loads of caffeine.

I have had sooo much cake in the past two days, I wont even share the total piece amount with you.
We had our annual Apache Junction Police Dept Awards ceromony yesterday...

They had Cake, and lots of it. Since I was having a Craptastic day, I decided to have a little, then once I got back to work just a couple blocks away, some mean person brought a HUGE sheet cake totally untouched and sat it in the room next to me.. A room in which I am destined to be in for 20 hours over the next 2 days, How Rude..... so.. I had (some).... 

Over the past few weeks at work...  I felt Like Bridget Jones in the first few scenes..
where she states.. that woman at work, who is slightly senior to her so she thinks she is the boss of her.. and she would rather just staple things to her head :)  yes, I have felt that way. 
or.. having several people stare freely down my shirt with no idea who I am or what I do.

Or when she is wrapped up in her blanket eating out of the carton of ice cream.... yes  I have felt that way too

Or when she has to decided to wear the scarey granny stomach holding in panties... yes,..  that was today, mostly because of the cake from the recent days....

I have realized that when you "hate" so deeply... you actually start to become what you "hate".... This has been a hateful week,  and I have my moments of laugher and joy, but they have been fading fast..

Although, I did learn.. That.. if you put a certified Crazy Person on hold.. for a long period of time, they forget why they called you, and hang  up :)   Very valuable lesson to any future 911 dispatcher out there.

Next week will be better,  especially since I am taking a mental health day on Monday..

So tomorrow I hope to wake up less like Bridget Jones, and more like..  well..   Me! 

Although I do find her charming and hilarous and I have on occation walked out of the house looking like a prostitute with too much blush on, and symbolic bunny costume. 

& making a complete fool of myself in front of strangers..  and putting my foot in my mouth on several occations, I think I will talk in a british accent for the rest of the night,  maybe it will be fun, 
At least I have better hair then she does  ;) thats a bonus, 

So this week.. I am going to "Hate" less, Eat less, Drink Less, Laugh more, sleep lots more! & enjoy my "spring break" week.. doing.. whatever it is, that I wanna do :)

Maybe.. take magic mushrooms and dance in an ocean..

maybe not....

4 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Buckeroomama said...

LOL! I certainly hope you have a much better week ahead.

I love the Bridget Jones books and movies. :)

- Jessi - said...

I love that movie! I do hope your week goes better this week. :)

Marla said...

I hope the next week blows you away with amazingness. :)

Marla @

Casey Martinez said...

I thought I was already following you! Sorry about that! I liked your vlog. You did a great job;0. I wish I liked ice cream as much as you. I don't mind it but, I never crave it cream sandwiches yes, but a bowl of ice cream no. My hubby on the other hand could live off of it;0. I like blogging for the free memory keeping too! I'll be around more now;0